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Netanyahu accuses Hamas of seeking escalation, as Israel raids continue on Gaza

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gives a statement after meeting with the US secretary of treasury in Jerusalem, on 7 January 2021. [EMIL SALMAN/POOL/AFP via Getty Images]
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem, on 7 January 2021 [EMIL SALMAN/POOL/AFP/Getty Images]

Hamas and the Islamic Jihad want the situation in Gaza to be as bad as it is in Yemen and Syria to force the world to condemn Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's spokesperson to the Arab media said on Twitter.

"Hamas and Islamic Jihad (Iranian militias) can't stand it when things in Gaza get better economically, thanks to [Israel]," Ofir Gendelman wrote .

He also said that the Palestinian groups deliberately want the situation in Gaza to worsen so they get into wars.

"They want Gaza to be like Syria&Yemen, so they start wars. They commit war crimes&then they ask the intl community to condemn Israel for defending itself from them. "

Israeli military raids on Gaza have killed 219 person, including 63 children, over the past ten days, according to Palestinian officials . A further 1,500 Palestinians have been injured. Twelve Israelis have also been killed.

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