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Egypt: Body of strangled baby found dead in a bin

Newborn baby [GoodFreePhotos]
Newborn baby, 30 November 2017 [GoodFreePhotos]

An Egyptian man found a dead infant in a bin in the city of El Hawamdeya in Giza governorate, Cairo24 news site reported.

"I was heading to my work at 6 am when I saw a suspicious black plastic bag. I stopped and called some passers-by to check it and when we opened it we found the corpse of a baby, with suffocation marks on the neck," the man told the news site.

"We called the police who immediately came and took the child, and within eight hours they arrested the perpetrators," he added.

The El Hawamdeya Security Directorate announced that investigations revealed that the baby's mother along with her partner strangled the baby and threw the corpse in the bin because it had been conceived out of wedlock.

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