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Turkey: Robbery takes place in Istanbul like in comedy movies

Robbery takes place in Istanbul like in comedy movies [CCTV/Anadolu Agency]
Robbery takes place in Istanbul like in comedy movies [CCTV/Anadolu Agency]

The suspects who tried to rob a grocery store in Turkey's metropolitan city Istanbul fell into funny situations while escaping from being caught, reports Anadolu Agency.

Three suspects, who were involved in a total of 30 different crimes, including auto theft and shoplifting in different parts of Istanbul, had been wanted for a while.

The thieves were caught on Sunday, September 26, after one of their latest robberies was recorded by security cameras.

In the footage, the robbers are approaching a grocery store with a car during daylight.

One of the thieves, who sees a person approaching them at the beginning of the street, is hiding behind a parked car, while the other thieves are leaving their friend at the crime scene and run away because they are afraid of being caught.

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The funniest part of the issue is that the unidentified citizen is the owner of the vehicle, which the thief is hiding behind it, and he was approaching the thief step by step to get into his car.

The thief, who is wanting to escape from the owner of the car, is crawling around the car like a baby.

While the person who did not notice the thief got in his car and drove away, the thieves who abandoned their friend at the crime scene come back later and robbed the shop.

The thieves stole valuable stuff, cigarette packs, and alcoholic beverages from the shop very quickly and managed to escape.

However, the three thieves, including one woman, were caught shortly after the crime.

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