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Hezbollah warns of coup against Taif Agreement

People come together to mark the Taif agreement on 4 November 1989 in Lebanon
People come together following the Taif agreement on 4 November 1989 in Beirut, Lebanon [JOSEPH BARRAK/AFP/Getty Images]

The head of the Hezbollah bloc in the Lebanese parliament warned on Sunday of a possible coup against the Taif Agreement which ended 15 years of civil war (1975-1990) through which power in the country was split among Muslims and Christians, Anadolu has reported. Mohammad Raad said that the coup would favour the axis in favour of normalisation with Israel.

"We feel that there have been coup attempts against the Taif Agreement," explained Raad. "The potential coup aims to reassure Israel and make it feel secure that our people will not be able to confront any of its aggression."

He added that those behind such a move want to impose Israeli control over Lebanon's gas reserves in its territorial waters. "Gas exploration is confined to certain countries, and we speak about independence and sovereignty while we are unable to supply our electricity plants with enough gas to light the country for 24 hours."

The Hezbollah official pointed out that the Lebanese currency collapsed due to its dependence on foreign currency. "Tomorrow, our policy will collapse due to its dependence on foreign policies."

Lebanon is suffering the worst economic crisis in its history, leading to shortages of medicines, fuel and other basic goods.

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