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Israel responds to Hamas’ escalation warning

December 8, 2021 at 11:50 pm

A picture showing the Gaza fence built by Israel, 7 February 2017 [JACK GUEZ/AFP/Getty Images]

Israeli occupation responded to the warning BY the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, along with other Palestinian factions that the continuous Israeli siege on Gaza would lead to escalation with Israel, Al Jazeera reported on Wednesday.

Commenting on the completion of the Israeli “Iron Wall” along the eastern fence of Gaza, Israeli Defence Minister, Benny Gantz, said that Israel uses simple tools to stop “terrorism,” hinder Hamas’ promotion of its power and achieve long term calm.

“In order to change the reality in Gaza, we have clear and simple demands,” Gantz said, stating that Israeli demands are: “Stopping reinforcement of Hamas power, long term calm and return of our captured and missing soldiers.”

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Gantz called for Hamas to deal with these demands instead of being busy with “empty threats.”

This came following remarks reported on Tuesday by Al Jazeera stating that Hamas and the Palestinian factions are studying to escalate with Israel because of its procrastination regarding the implementation of the terms of the ceasefire deal reached in May.

Hamas also accused Egypt of backing down from its commitment to oblige Israel to carry out the conditions of the ceasefire, which ended an 11-day major Israeli offensive that killed more than 260 Palestinians.