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Tunisia: EU support conditional on returning to democracy 

April 9, 2022 at 3:05 pm

Nabila Massrali, EU Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy [Twitter]

The European Union (EU) has said that its continued support for Tunisia is dependent on it returning to the democratic course and constitutional institutions. Meanwhile, the opposition expressed its rejection of the system of voting for individuals during the parliamentary elections.

On Thursday, the EU expressed its “serious concern” over the recent developments in Tunisia after President Saied dissolved Parliament and started judicial prosecutions against MPs who participated in the last online session.

“We call for a return to the normal work of the institutions as soon as possible, and we will vigilantly continue to follow the various stages of implementing the political calendar announced (by President Kais Saied) in December 2021. The reform process must be based on a comprehensive dialogue for all political and social actors,” confirmed Nabila Massrali, EU Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

Kais Saied, Tunisia president dissolves parliament 'to preserve the state' - Cartoon [Sabaaneh/Middle East Monitor]

Kais Saied, Tunisia president dissolves parliament ‘to preserve the state’ – Cartoon [Sabaaneh/Middle East Monitor]

The EU mission in Tunisia revealed a visit conducted by members of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs to hold consultations on Tunisia’s course towards political reforms and a return to institutional stability.

During the visit, expected to last between 11-13 of April, officials will meet with President Saied and representatives of the government, political parties and civil society to discuss how the EU continues to support Tunisia through political reforms and strengthening democracy.

The MPs will seek to: “Reconfirm the need for inclusive political dialogue and respecting the rule of law, civil liberties and human rights. In addition to the need for a political system based on democratic principles, particularly the principle of separation of powers that is ensured through institutional restrictions and balances. This assigned delegation will also provide the opportunity to dialogue with the relevant authorities on the possibility and mechanism of how the European Parliament continues to support Tunisia in the process of preparation for the elections expected at the end of 2022.”

The delegation will also pay special attention to the economic situation in Tunisia and the best way in which the EU can support the Tunisian authorities in implementing economic reforms for the benefit of all Tunisians, especially during the financial and food security crisis, the pandemic and the effects of the Russian aggression on Ukraine.

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