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Netanyahu: Israeli government controlled by 'Brotherhood Shura Council'

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on 26 May 2021 [JACK GUEZ/AFP via Getty Images]
Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on 26 May 2021 [JACK GUEZ/AFP via Getty Images]

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has told the Knesset that the coalition government of his successor Naftali Bennett is "completely controlled" by members of the Muslim Brotherhood's "Shura [Consultative] Council", the Israeli media reported on Monday.

The current leader of the opposition was referring to Ra'am, an Islamic Party in Israel led by Mansour Abbas, who is reportedly influenced by the Brotherhood. Ra'am is a partner in Bennett's coalition.

"You have already promised Ra'am NIS50 billion, but their appetite isn't sated," said Netanyahu. "The series of shameful incidents in the country recently is not accidental."

The incidents mentioned by Netanyahu were the recent series of attacks in Israel, including those carried out by Palestinian resistance activists and Israeli gangs.

"It stems from the weakness of this deceitful government," insisted Netanyahu. "Our enemies are suddenly not afraid, they feel your weakness and futility. When you established this government you said, 'We're going to do an experiment,' but I'm telling you that people's lives are not an experiment."

According to the Likud leader, "Any sane person understands that the experiment has failed, completely failed." Bennett, he said, is "gambling" with Israeli lives "and we're all paying the price. Like obsessive gamblers, you don't know when to stop."

Israel: coalition government faces fatal differences among members

Netanyahu made his comments during a stormy Knesset session. Bennett came under attack from Likud MKs about his government's links with Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas.

Although Bennett said that, initially, he did not want to meet Abbas, he listened to him. "His vision was, how can we — Israeli citizens — get along and present a vision of cooperation and not one of screaming and arguing?"

Bennett explained that he was convinced by Abbas's "genuine desire" to walk a different path. "The decent ones among you [members of the opposition] know it's true. We're trying. Trying to improve education, trying to resolve the situation in the Negev."

In response to heckling from opposition MKs, Bennett said, "What's wrong? Those who need to be standing here and apologising are those who for 20 years did nothing. The vision of the opposition is elections. The vision of this government is growth."

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