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Israel occupation imposes prison sentence for vandalising apartheid wall

July 30, 2022 at 10:05 am

Image of the apartheid wall in West Bank and an Israeli military watchtower [Apaimages]

The Israeli occupation army has decided to imprison any Palestinian under the pretext of causing damage to the apartheid wall in the West Bank. The commander of the Central Command in the occupation army signed a legal amendment stipulating a prison sentence of no less than 18 months for those convicted in military courts of damaging the wall, according to Israel’s Walla! website.

This amendment will be valid for two years and stipulates that at least six months of the prison sentence will not be on probation.

Palestinians from the West Bank enter Israel in search of work through gaps in the apartheid wall because they are unable to obtain a permit to work in Israel. However, the occupation army claims that the legal amendment was made in the wake of Palestinians making holes in the wall and entering to carry out attacks, although such incidents have been rare in recent years.

This law applies only to Palestinians under the apartheid regime practised by Israel in the West Bank.

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The occupation commits crimes against Palestinian workers, the most prominent of which are the pursuit and arrests of Palestinians, the imposition of heavy fines and attacks on various levels.

On 5 July, 32-year-old Ahmad Harb Ayyad was martyred after being brutally beaten and abused by the Israeli occupation soldiers at an opening in the apartheid wall near Tulkarm.

The Palestinian Ministry of Labour stated that Ayyad was a resident of the Gaza Strip and was martyred in the village of Faroun, near Tulkarm.

This is the second young man from Gaza martyred while on his way to work in the West Bank. On 8 May, the occupation soldiers killed Mahmoud Sami Aram, also from Gaza and residing in the West Bank, while he was on his way to work near the Jabara checkpoint in Tulkarm.