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Expert: PA’s weakness, escalation in West Bank pose major threat to Israel

September 16, 2022 at 9:46 am

A picture shows the Jalame checkpoint near the Palestinian city of Jenin in the Israeli occupied West Bank on September 14, 2022 [Photo by JAAFAR ASHTIYEH/AFP via Getty Images]

An Israeli security expert said that Wednesday’s shooting at the Al-Jalama checkpoint, which resulted in the killing of an Israeli officer at the Nahal Brigade, demonstrates Israel’s tendency to avoid carrying out military operations in the occupied West Bank.

In an article published on the Times of Israel, Amir Bar Shalom said that the fact that one of perpetrators of the Jalama checkpoint attack is a member of the Palestinian Authority’s security services should make Israel worry.

He pointed out that, unlike the Second Intifada, the recent wave of operations are not based on organised activism, but rather individual initiatives.

Shalom warned that the operations are escalating, and that the Israeli army and the security establishment are trying to avoid carrying out a large-scale military operation in the West Bank.

He added that the organisational unity of Palestinian factions in the northern West Bank constitutes a great danger for Israel, which eliminates the practical need for any Palestinian individual to work under the banner of one organisation.

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