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Iraq security service arrest 4 people for ‘glorifying Saddam Hussein’

October 6, 2022 at 12:43 pm

U.S. Marine Major Bull Gurfein (R) pulls down a poster of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein March 21, 2003 in Safwan, Iraq. [Chris Hondros/Getty Images]

The Iraqi National Security Agency yesterday announced the arrest of four people on charges of “glorifying” the regime of the late President Saddam Hussein, adding that the suspects were referred to the judiciary for legal action.

The agency added that the four detainees had glorified Saddam Hussein’s regime during the National Day celebrations in the western province of Anbar, several days ago.

According to the statement, they had raised pictures and chanted slogans glorifying the former regime. It added that they had confessed to doing so..

Article 7 of the Iraqi constitution, established in 2005, prohibits racism, terrorism, sectarian cleansing, incitment, glorification or promoting of sectarian cleansing especially the Saddamist Baath party in Iraq and its symbols.

Over the years, many Iraqis have been arrested for glorifying the Baath party or glorifying the former regime of Saddam Hussein.

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