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Hamas: ‘To maintain Palestinian reconciliation, Fatah should not listen to US, Israel advice’

October 15, 2022 at 11:30 am

Member of Hamas’ political bureau Dr Mousa Abu Marzouq

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas recommended on Friday that Fatah should not listen to the US or Israeli advice in order to maintain an internal Palestinian reconciliation.

Speaking to a local TV channel, senior Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzouq announced that all previous attempts to end the internal Palestinian division have not come to fruition due to US and Israeli intervention.

“The US and the Israeli occupation advise Fatah not to get close to Hamas under the pretext that Hamas is a terrorist group,” Abu Marzouq stated. “This what led to the failure of all previous reconciliation attempts.”

Meanwhile, he said: “The Algerian declaration to achieve Palestinian national unity among the Palestinian factions came after a long time of mediators’ silence,” hailing the Algerian declaration and role.

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“Algeria has a distinctive respected status among Palestinians due to its absolute support for the Palestinian cause, as well as its opposition to the normalisation of ties with the Israeli occupation,” the Hamas leader expressed.

Concluding his speech, the senior Hamas official added: “This reconciliation agreement needs follow-up efforts to make its way to success,” citing many previous reconciliation agreements that failed due to the lack of follow-up by their mediators.

Abu Marzouq stressed that unity conditions are currently appropriate mainly in the occupied West Bank, Jerusalem and wherever Palestinians exist.

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