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Artist, Taima Salama, devoted herself to helping the blind in Gaza

Artist, Taima Salama, who is 25 years old, devoted herself to helping the blind and creating storybooks for the blind to use at schools, in order to help the students feel the story through modelled pictures.

Taima says, I used my background in fine arts and my ability to do this type of work in order to provide good content to blind students in their school affiliated with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Refugees (UNRWA) in Gaza.

Taima told MEMO that modelling the pictures in the stories allows blind children to better understand the stories and compensate for the pictures they cannot see, allowing them to touch them instead.

Families of the blind who came to watch their children read expressed their overwhelming happiness

She adds, "The project that I am working on raises many questions and issues about the blind's taste for fine arts, their impressions of colour, and reveals the extent of their sense of artistic beauty."

Salama added that the project embodies what the blind hear, opens the door to them using their imagination, and creates an innovative, specialised artistic genre for a group that wants to satisfy their passion, motivates them to be creative, and works to shape the societal artistic taste.

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