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Activists call for protection of Palestinian properties from settlers

February 1, 2023 at 9:36 am

A view of Palestinian family’s car burned allegedly by Jewish settlers in Aqraba village of Nablus, West Bank on January 29, 2023. [Nedal Eshtayah – Anadolu Agency]

The Unified National Leadership of Popular Resistance (UNLPR) yesterday called for the formation of popular committees to protect Palestinian villages and municipalities from illegal Jewish settlers.

This came during a meeting held in Ramallah to discuss the issue of the continuous aggression of Israeli Jewish settlers on Palestinian villages and properties near illegal settlements across the occupied West Bank.

In a statement, the UNLPR said: “In light of the escalating occupation and settler aggression, continuous daily attacks and continuation of killing Palestinian civilians, it becomes necessary to form popular committees to protect the Palestinian people and their properties.”

The UNLPR stressed that the Israeli occupation government “is carrying out systematic state terrorism in order to impose the occupation’s realities on the ground.”

Israel: state violence against Palestinians is surging, says rights group

“The Israeli attempts to enact new racist laws targeting our prisoners through execution, revoking identities and expulsion” from their homes and their country, it added.

“All of this comes with American support and a paralysed international community which is unable to carry out a boycott or hand Israeli officials over to the International Criminal Court in an attempt to end the daily Israeli aggression,” the statement said.

Illegal Jewish settlers have recently escalated their aggression on Palestinians and their properties in the occupied West Bank. While the occupation state’s government has also increased restrictions on Palestinian prisoners.