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UAE behind RSF's attempted coup in Sudan, leaked recording says

April 20, 2023 at 3:34 pm

Smoke rises as clashes continue in the Sudanese capital on April 17, 2023 between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) [Mahmoud Hjaj – Anadolu Agency]

Social media users have circulated a recording attributed to the former head of Sudanese intelligence, Salah Gosh, accusing the United Arab Emirates of being behind recent events in Sudan. They allegedly established a ‘command centre’ in Abu Dhabi with the aim of replacing the army with the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) led by Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, known as Hemedti.

In the alleged audio recording, which could not be verified, a man media outlets identified as the Sudanese Army’s Chief of Staff, General Kamal Abdel Marouf, said the initial change in Sudan began with a “Masonic conspiracy from within the system, and from camel-herding countries in the Gulf that sponsored the change, as well as foreign countries that relied on some wandering individuals in Europe who claim to be activists but are actually political traders.”

He added: “After announcing their change programme and the matter becoming insurmountable for them, the battle shifted to planning through the incapacitated advocates of freedom, change, the left, and the Communists. However, they reached a point where they could not achieve their ambitions, so they moved to the stage of changing by force, devising a programme and promoting it in the media, and attempting to exploit the rebel movements.”

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He continued: “Until the matter reached the change in the ‘Dagalo style’ [Hemedti].”

He added  that Hemedti had met with UAE President Mohammed Bin Zayed and some financiers who agreed on the necessity of the change by force. This would involve striking the army and announcing a government recognised by the sponsoring countries, along with some international institutions and organisations. It would deal a crushing blow to the Islamic and military currents in the country.

Highlighting that Hemedti knew “nothing about politics or Sudan”, Marouf said Sudanese politician and leading figure in the People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) Yasir Arman was placed “near him”.

“The programme spoke of total control over airports, the general command, the presidential palace, radio and television, and then announcing the Rapid Support Forces’ control.”

“After that, taking over headquarters and announcing a government, then throwing army leaders in prison, occupying the command and issuing instructions to military forces and units in Sudan to submit to them – this was the plan.”

He revealed that Hemedti’s forces “believed that all Sudanese aircraft were at Merowe Airport, but they were surprised by the reality that logistical and popular support was weak. After the situation was exposed, the army took full measures.”

He said there was a plan for such an event, with forces being sent from Libya, via Khalifa Haftar, but Turkiye warned that if any forces moved from Sudan to Libya they would be targeted. So the scenario was halted.

So the third scenario was chosen, he explained, “which is calming down, dialogue, and a ceasefire – whatever it may be – to save what can be saved.”

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