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International statistics: Egypt ranks first for warplanes in region, Saudi higher than Israel

July 1, 2023 at 10:15 am

“Silver Stars”, the Egyptian Air Force aerobatic team and “Black Eagles”, the South Korean aerobatic team perform over the Giza Pyramids in Cairo, Egypt. [Mohamed Abdel Hamid – Anadolu Agency]

The latest statistics published by the international Global Firepower website, which specialises in military affairs, indicate that Egypt continues to lead in the number of warplanes owned, while Saudi Arabia ranks ahead of Israel.

According to the site’s 2023 rankings, which highlights the top ten air forces in the Middle East and North Africa region, Egypt ranks first with 1,069 various warplanes, ahead of Turkiye, which follows with 1,065 various warplanes, while Saudi Arabia ranks third with 897.

Israel came fourth with 601 various warplanes, the United Arab Emirates fifth with 565, Algeria sixth with 547 and Iran seventh with 541.

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Coming in eighth is the Syrian regime with 453 various aircraft, Iraq ranks ninth with 361 and Jordan tenth with 256.

The site published the statistics of the naval forces a few days ago, with Egypt also ranking first among the naval forces in the region, followed by Turkiye, then Kuwait.

According to statistics, the Egyptian fleet includes 245 naval units, two helicopter carriers, 13 frigates, seven corvettes, eight submarines, 48 patrol vessels and 23 naval minesweepers.

Turkiye came in second with 145 naval vessels: 16 frigates, nine corvettes, 12 submarines, 34 patrol vessels and 11 naval minesweepers.

Kuwait ranks third in the Middle East, with 123 marine vessels, including 106 patrol vessels.

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