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Christina Aguilera urged to cancel concert in Israel

August 1, 2023 at 9:19 am

Christina Aguilera on June 28, 2023 in New York City [Gotham/GC Images]

Fans around the world are urging 32-year-old American pop superstar Christina Aguilera to cancel her upcoming performance in Israel due to the Israeli government’s escalation in its forced displacements of Palestinian communities.

“Shalom Israel, I’m so excited to finally make my way to Tel Aviv, this’ll be my first performance in Israel,” said Aguilera in a video message shared yesterday by the show’s promoter, Live Nation Israel. “See you at Live Park on August 10 for an unforgettable night.”

In response, Aguilera’s fans took to Twitter/X to express their disappointment at the singer’s scheduled event in Rishon LeZion, highlighting the racist Israeli policies enforced on Palestinians including the destruction of their homes, land grabs and being denied their rights to live, work and move freely.

As a result, #XtinaDontGo trended across the platform with calls for the singer to take a stand against Israel’s crimes and its attempts to whitewash them by exploiting distinguished performers such as herself.

“Christina Aguilera plans her first show in Israel,” wrote Raf Shimunov, co-founder of The Jewish Vote. “And Israel plans to ban any of the 5 million Palestinians in its occupation from travelling to attend. #XtinaDontGo”

In a separate tweet, he addressed the issue of Israel’s illegal settlement expansion plans, slamming the move as “open ethnic cleansing” and asking the singer directly if she will support this by going ahead with her performance. “For 20+ years, Christina Aguilera skipped Israel. And now, as its government’s plans for ethnic cleansing are stated more openly than ever in those 20 years, will she endorse it or reject it?  #XtinaDontGo”

Another social media user criticised Israel’s violence and killing of Palestinian children, informing the singer of the 14-year-old Palestinian teen who was shot dead by Israeli soldiers in the occupied West Bank. The tweet noted that the singer’s boycott of the event could result in raising awareness of the rising number of fatalities and mistreatment of Palestinians, including attacks on their homes and destruction of their property.

This all comes as officials have warned that 2023 is on track to be the deadliest year for Palestinians in the occupied West Bank since the UN began keeping track of fatalities in 2005.

Another tweet noted that Aguilera will be joined on stage by former Israeli soldier Eden Ben Zaken, who is pursuing a singing career. “And guess who will join Christian Aguilera on stage in Tel Aviv? A soldier artist who Israel likes to promote. This aims to make people forget about the occupation, apartheid and the dispossession still in progress in Palestine #BDS.”

In a petition organised by Adalah Justice Project and published on, pro-Palestine activists urged the singer to cancel the performance. “By playing in Israel, she will be crossing an international picket line,” they warned. “We are deeply disappointed about your upcoming show in Rishon LeZion, Israel on August 10. We are urging you to cancel your show in apartheid Israel.”

The signatories pointed out that Palestinian civil society groups have asked artists around the world to stop performing in the apartheid Zionist state until Palestinians have full equality, freedom and justice. “Whatever the intentions may be, this performance will be promoted as an endorsement of the Israeli government and a blow to the Palestinian-led freedom movement. It will be seen as tacitly condoning the violence and oppression the Israeli government commits against Palestinians every day.”

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