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Lebanon: 111 judges announce ‘forced suspension’ of work

September 2, 2023 at 10:20 am

Lebanon Flag flying half mast in Lebanon [Adri Salido – Anadolu Agency]

Over 100 judges in Lebanon announced on Friday the “forced suspension” of their work due to “the state’s inability to cover the cost of healthcare and education” for them and their families.

A statement issued by these 111 judges (out of 610 judges) working in Lebanon’s judicial, administrative and financial judiciary announced their: “Forced cessation of work in light of the state’s inability to cover hospitalisation, medical treatment and education.”

The statement added that this cessation of work also comes: “In light of the lack of working conditions that are dignified in the palaces of justice and in light of the state of the judiciary at all levels.”

The judges relayed that they would return to work when the Lebanese authorities could secure dignified living and working conditions.

There was no immediate comment from the relevant authorities in Lebanon regarding the judges’ decision.

Since 2019, Lebanese citizens have been suffering an unprecedented economic crisis that has led to a record collapse in the value of the local currency against the dollar, in addition to a fuel and medicine shortage and the collapse of their purchasing power.

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