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Israel’s Mossad chief threatens Iran

September 11, 2023 at 11:10 am

David Barnea, head of Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad [US Embassy in Jerusalem/Flickr]

David Barnea, head of Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad, yesterday threatened Iran and revealed his agency had undermined Tehran’s attempt to supply Russia with long and short range missiles.

He also claimed that his agency had undermined 27 planned Iranian attacks aimed at targeting “Jews or Israelis during the past around the world,” claiming that Iranian cells had been arrested “equipped with arms and clear plans.”

Barnea’s remarks came during a conference held at Reichman University in Herzliya, where he went on to threaten Iran and Iranian leaders “in the depth and heart of Tehran.”

“We know that the Iranians intended to sell Russia not only drones, but also short- and long-range missiles, a deal that was aborted,” he claimed, adding: “Iran plans to sell more arms to Russia, and this could be aborted.”

He pointed out that Israel is worried about the possibility that Russia will supply Iran with developed weapons in light of the military cooperation between Moscow and Tehran.

“This would definitely undermine our safety and perhaps endanger our very existence here,” he warned.

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