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UNICEF: Children in Gaza don’t have just 1 injury, they are losing everything

December 6, 2023 at 11:47 am

Palestinian children are taken to the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital as Israeli attacks continue in Deir al-Balah, Gaza on December 3, 2023 [Ali Jadallah/Anadolu Agency]

UNICEF spokesman, James Elder, said children in the besieged Gaza Strip arrive in hospitals with broken bones and shrapnel penetrating their bodies, and they are living without food or water for days.

“I go to hospitals here and when a mortar or bomb hits a residential building, the children in that building, they don’t suffer from one injury … It’s broken bones, it’s shrapnel, it’s eye injuries, it’s horrendous burns. I don’t think I’ve seen this scale of an attack on children before,” he added.

“They are losing quite literally everything.”

He warned that “hospitals in Gaza have become war zones and battlefields,” stressing that these are “very difficult conditions to provide aid inside Gaza, and the situation is now bleak and deadly.”

He stressed that “the intensity of the bombing hinders the provision of humanitarian aid inside Gaza, and there is a lack of clean water and food,” adding that “if the destruction in Gaza continues, polarisation around the world will increase.”

Since 7 October, Israel, supported by the United States and Europe, has been waging a devastating war on the Gaza Strip, causing massive destruction and tens of thousands of civilian casualties, most of them children, in addition to an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe, according to official Palestinian and UN sources.

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