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Report: Israel tells Egypt its borders will not be harmed

December 7, 2023 at 9:38 am

An aid truck on the Egyptian side of the Rafah border crossing, waits to cross into the southern Gaza Strip on December 6, 2023 [/AFP via Getty Images]

Israel has conveyed a message to Egypt affirming that its border with Gaza will not be harmed, i24NEWS reported.

According to the channel this came during the visit of an Israeli security delegation to Egypt on Monday, aimed at providing reassurances to the North African state regarding the Israeli military operations in southern Gaza.

The Israeli delegation, headed by the Government Activities Coordinator, Ghassan Alyan, and which included a Mossad official, visited Cairo for several hours to discuss a number of matters related to field developments in Gaza.

The delegation met with the head of Egypt’s General Intelligence Service, Major General Abbas Kamel, and discussed procedures related to the entry of aid trucks into the Gaza Strip, the news report said.

“The delegation’s main mission was to respond to Egyptian questions about the recent field movements of the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip and the impact of these movements on Egypt,” it added, pointing out that “the Israeli government is keen not to cause harm to Egypt during its military operations in southern Gaza, and that there are restrictions on the [Israeli] forces active there that caution must be taken to avoid any mistakes that may lead to damage to Egyptian lands and borders.”

During the meeting, Egypt expressed its dissatisfaction with the accumulation of hundreds of aid trucks along the Gaza border as a result of the slow pace of Israel’s inspections of aid deliveries and the inability of aid to enter the Strip as a result of the occupation state’s bombing of Gaza. The Israeli delegation said that the review and inspection procedures at the Nitsana/Al-Auja crossing will be reviewed to help speed up the process.

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