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Houthis reiterate unwavering support for Gaza despite US air strikes

February 5, 2024 at 10:47 am

Members of different tribes shout anti-US slogans with guns in hands as they stage a protest against United States’ attacks on Yemen’s Houthis near Sanaa, Yemen in January 14, 2024. [Mohammed Hamoud – Anadolu Agency]

Yemen’s Houthis yesterday reiterated the group’s unwavering support for the besieged Gaza Strip amid the ongoing genocidal Israeli war and in spite of the American-British aggression against Yemen.

The group’s spokesman, Muhammad Abdul Salam, said the American-British aggression only increases their problems at the regional level, stressing that Yemen’s decision to support Gaza is “firm and principled and will not be affected by any attack.”

He called on the US and Britain to submit to international public opinion demanding an immediate cessation of Israeli aggression and the lifting of the siege on Gaza and to stop protecting Israel.

Abdul Salam stressed that the aggressive raids on Yemen, Iraq and Syria, will increase the people’s hatred of those countries and unite them against the American colonial presence in the region.

Tensions escalated in the southern Red Sea after the Yemeni group announced the targeting of Israel-linked ships, in response to the occupation state’s genocidal war on Gaza.

The Pentagon recently announced that the US Air Force carried out strikes on more than 60 targets belonging to the Houthis and used more than 100 precision-guided missiles of various types in the attack.

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