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Irish comedian tells Israelis to get out for not backing Gaza ceasefire

February 14, 2024 at 9:26 am

Irish comedian Paul Currie [X]

Irish comedian Paul Currie allegedly told Israeli audience members to “get the f*ck out” after he raised a Palestinian flag and called for a ceasefire, but they refused to back the call.

The show, held in London on Saturday, ended with Currie raising the Ukrainian flag followed by the Palestinian flag and inviting the audience to stand and applause.

Two audience members, who were Israeli, refused to stand. When asked why, one told Currie: “I enjoyed your show until you brought out the Palestinian flag.”

They alleged that Currie said to them: “I’m from Belfast. I know everything about ceasefires. Ceasefire now, get the f*** out of my theatre. Get out, get the f*** out of my show, motherf***ers.”

The venue said it was investigating the claims.

According to comedy news site Chortle, other attendees at the event on Saturday said “that although Currie became angry, with the show ending on a sour note, they did not witness anti-Semitic behaviour.”

Responding to claims that the audience was chanting “Free Palestine” and “Get out”, Clare told Chortle that her experience of the event “differs massively from my own. Nobody around me was chanting either of those things. Some people did shout and clap for ‘ceasefire now’ – some people stood up.”

“At no point did what happened feel like an anti-Semitic rally or that we were witnessing an anti-Semitic rant. If it had, we would have left immediately.”

MEMO tried to contact Currie for comment, but was unable to reach him.

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