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Atheist says Islam not a ‘fundamentally decent religion’ like Christianity

British author and biologist Richard Dawkins, known as a key figure of the New Atheism movement which gained popularity in the 2000s, told LBC on Sunday he was ‘slightly horrified’ by Ramadan lights being hung in London rather than Easter decorations. Dawkins said that he believes the UK is a ‘Christian country’ and described himself as a ‘cultural Christian’ who values and enjoys Christian traditions and ‘likes to live in a culturally Christian country’ despite not believing ‘a single word’ of the religion. He said it would be ‘truly dreadful’ if a different religion substituted Christianity. Users on social media criticised Dawkins for his statements, with many saying that he himself had a hand in the decline of Christianity in the UK.

April 2, 2024 at 10:54 am