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Palestine This Week: The Middle East on a precipice

How has Iran's retaliatory strike on Israel changed dynamics in the Middle East and has it done more to help Tel Aviv's standing on an international stage than show Tehran's military might? This week's episode looks at the implications of the manoeuvre and Jordan's defence of Israel.

April 16, 2024 at 6:00 pm

In this week’s MEMO review show Nasim Ahmed and his regular guest Mouin Rabbani delve into the latest developments in the Middle East, focusing on Iran’s retaliatory attack against Israel and its far-reaching implications. This episode offers a thought-provoking analysis of the complex geopolitical situation, exploring the motives behind Iran’s decision to strike directly from its territory and the potential consequences of this move.

As the discussion unfolds, Ahmed and Rabbani examine the international community’s response to the escalating tensions, questioning the wisdom behind the US, UK and France in opposing a UN Security Council resolution condemning Israel’s attack on Iran’s consular building in Damascus earlier this month. They also consider the possibility that Iran’s retaliation may have played into Israel’s hands, shifting focus away from the atrocities in Gaza and providing Benjamin Netanyahu with the confrontation he has long sought.

With the looming threat of a wider regional conflict, this episode explores the delicate balance of power in the Middle East and the potential for further escalation. Ahmed and Rabbani assess the positions of key players such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, China and Russia, while also examining Jordan’s involvement in Israel’s defence. Tune in for an insightful and engaging discussion that sheds light on the complexities of the current crisis and its potential impact on the future of the Middle East.

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