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Chile students demand government sever relations with Israel

May 18, 2024 at 10:07 am

A woman holds a Palestinian flag as university students from the University of Chile gather for a demonstration to commemorate the Nakba, in Santiago, Chile, on May 15, 2024. [Lucas Aguayo Araos – Anadolu Agency]

The Pontifical Catholic University Student Federation (FEUC) and the Organisation in Solidarity with Palestine (OSP-UC) in Chile delivered a letter to President Gabriel Boric demanding: “Additional concrete measures and decisions to sever relations with Israel.”

The letter that the students delivered to President Boric during his visit to them on Thursday at the university’s headquarters demanded that: “Chile provide support for the lawsuit filed by South Africa against Israel in the International Court of Justice.”

In their letter, the Chilean students expressed their surprise at their country’s delay in joining the lawsuit against Israel, saying that this is inexplicable: “Given the number of Chileans of Palestinian origin and the fact that the country has based its foreign policy on adherence to international law.”

The students stressed: “The need for the executive authority to support the draft law prohibiting the import of goods and services from settlements in the occupied territories, which was approved by the parliamentary Human Rights Committee last January.”

They also expressed their: “Gratitude for your decisions in favour of justice in Palestine, the land of our fathers and grandfathers, but we demand more.”

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Boric’s visit and meeting with university students comes one day after they demanded that Chile sever diplomatic, economic and military relations with the country that “commits genocide”.

Boric announced in a speech to students during a demonstration at the University of Chile in the capital, Santiago, marking the 76th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba, that: “It is very important that we do not view this anniversary as just another year but within the framework of the largest genocide in the world.”

The students chanted slogans such as “No more death of innocent children,” “Let’s sever relations with Israel” and “It’s not war, it’s genocide” while preparing for an encampment and joining the global movement to support the Palestinian people, which is being implemented at various universities around the world.