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Attacking Lebanon is a disaster for the existence of ‘Israel’

June 11, 2024 at 2:12 pm

A picture taken from Israel near the Druze village of Hurfeish shows a general view of the Israel’s border with Lebanon on December 8, 2023 [JALAA MAREY/AFP via Getty Images]

The Zionist propaganda machine does not stop creating slogans to try to deceive the world about the supposed military and moral power of its armed forces. They have already invented that the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) are the “most moral in the world”, “the best-trained army in the world” and “an invincible beast of steel”.

However, these Zionist lies have been demoralised, day after day, by the resounding failures of their military machine in Gaza and on the Northern front, in which the Palestinian Resistance and Lebanese Hezbollah have been imposing successive defeats on “Israel” and promoting the exhaustion of operational plans based on excessive military force, destruction of infrastructure and tens of thousands of deaths and injuries.

Note that Hezbollah declares that its actions in Occupied Northern Palestine are to distract the enemy’s forces and pressure it to stop Zionist aggression in the Gaza Strip through the use of a modern military tactic with high operational flexibility and a constant pace of combat, according to the objectives outlined in the speech of Secretary-General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on 3 November.

“Israel” accounts for an unmeasured misfortune, failing to achieve the total victory promised by Netanyahu. It neither drove Hamas out of Gaza nor recovered the Israeli hostages. On the contrary, in addition to the military, political and moral defeat in Gaza, “Israel” has been losing the North of Occupied Palestine with the destruction of its military posts and the massive evacuation of Jewish settlers.

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For exactly eight months, “Israel” has been waging a genocidal war against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, using all its capacity and all kinds of internationally prohibited weapons, ammunition and bombs, indiscriminately bombing schools, hospitals and areas protected by international humanitarian law.

The Palestinian Resistance humiliated “Israel” with the actions of 7 October, when it took unprecedented control of Zionist settlements and military bases for an entire day. The “Al-Aqsa Flood” is the confrontation that needed to be done against the enemy and happened at the right time – the answer that had to be given after 76 years of Occupation. The war in Gaza is a situation where there is no way out for the Zionist regime. It was a decisive blow, a wound from which “Israel” will not be healed and even imperialism will not be able to save it.

In recent weeks, there has been criticism from former Zionist military chiefs and analysts about the inability of “Israel” to respond adequately, neither to Hamas nor to Hezbollah, to the point that the former deputy head of the Zionist Security Council during the 2006 war, Haim Tomer, declared that “Israel” hardly wins a war against Lebanon, “not quickly, not ever”.

While the Lebanese Resistance has the capabilities to defend Lebanon independently, with its thousands of precision missiles that can destroy strategic targets anywhere in “Israel” in seconds, the Zionists do not have in their arsenal the weapons necessary for a war with Hezbollah, which depends on the shipment of weapons by the United States, both for the war in Gaza and Lebanon.

The Zionist regime seems to have neither learned nor drawn lessons from the failures of 7 October nor solved the problems within the troops, with the alarming decline of an exhausted army with a low enlistment rate, lack of discipline, perspective or political strategy, as well as the international isolation of “Israel”, which is rejected and expelled from all forums and parts of the world.

“Israel” knows that a massive adventure against Lebanon could spell its end. Several Israeli media outlets have criticised the Zionist army for prolonging the war in Gaza and its inability to confront Hezbollah in the North, missiles from Yemen and Iraq and increased attacks from the West Bank.

The Zionist leaders know that there is no hope of absolute victory in Gaza. And that the situation is becoming worse in the North, in which the Israeli army continually loses its military capacity with the destruction of surveillance and espionage devices and numerous batteries of the Iron Dome anti-missile system installed in the numerous military bases along the extensive border with Lebanon.

In addition to all this, there is a current crisis faced by the Zionist cabinet which, in a single day, had the death of four members, including the head of the War Cabinet, Benny Gantz. He had called for elections to form a new Zionist government, which represents a severe blow to Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been celebrating the victory of Pyrrhus in the rescue of four Israeli prisoners in the Gaza Strip.

Several dangers to the continuation of the Zionist Occupation are in gestation. An “Israel” adventure on Lebanese soil would cost a huge price in human and economic losses, leading to the collapse of the Zionist economy if Hezbollah attacks industrial facilities, especially technology companies, which generate billions of dollars annually.

An attack on Lebanon will cause a disaster for the existence of “Israel”, which has already proved incapable of waging a full-scale war against an enemy more formidable than Hamas, with great military capacity, and with Muslim and Christian fighters willing to sacrifice their lives for a cause based on justice and the fight against oppression.

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