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French comedian was fired from his job for criticising Netanyahu

June 12, 2024 at 8:20 am

French humorist Guillaume Meurice poses during a photo session in Paris [Lionel BONAVENTURE / AFP]

French comedian, Guillaume Meurice, was fired from his job on French radio due to his criticism of Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

According to the news in the national press, French comedian, Meurice, was dismissed from his job due to his humorous statements criticising Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, who continues his attacks on Gaza, in the program on Radio Inter, affiliated with Radio France. 

Radio France reported that the comedian had been “terminated early due to a major mistake.”

Radio France Executive Board Chairman, Sibyle Veil, stated in a statement to Le Monde regarding the dismissal of the comedian that this decision was taken due to Meurice’s “stubbornness and repeated disloyalty”.

Arguing that “freedom of expression and humour are not targeted in any way” within the institution, Veil claimed that the comedian continued his speeches despite warnings and left them no other option than dismissal.

The Organisation of European Jews filed a complaint against Guillaume Meurice on the grounds that he “encouraged violence and spread anti-Semitic hatred” after his critical and humorous statements against Netanyahu in the program on 29 October.

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