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Cagdas Yuksel

Cagdas Yuksel is a Deputy Researcher at TRT World Research Centre. After completing his undergraduate education in Marmara University’s Department of Journalism, he earned his master’s degree in Mass Communications at the University of South Florida. His research areas are Strategic Communication, Policy Analysis and International Relations.


Items by Cagdas Yuksel

  • US-China rivalry stirs ghosts from the past

    The Indo-Pacific region presents a rich tapestry of the US administration’s current thinking and manoeuvres within a complex global picture. The longstanding tension between China and Taiwan has been pervasive, as has the resolute stance taken by the US in defending Taiwan’s position and countering China’s expansionism. The US...

  • The Trump effect and the US Establishment's response is a warning for all Americans

    Following his 2020 US presidential election defeat, a new chapter has unfolded for Donald Trump as the former president finds himself embroiled in multiple investigations and legal challenges. Notably, he faces the unprecedented scenario of a former US president facing criminal charges. The investigations cover a range of allegations,...