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Muhammad Hussein

Muhammad Hussein is an International Politics graduate and political analyst on Middle Eastern affairs, primarily focusing on the regions of the Gulf, Iran, Syria and Turkey, as well as their relation to Western foreign policy.


Items by Muhammad Hussein

  • Where is the outcry over Israel’s ‘Trojan Horse’ in Britain?

    Put yourself in the shoes of a country, economically rich, culturally diverse, and relatively stable in terms of government. Now imagine that a senior diplomat of a foreign country conspired with like-minded individuals to interfere in your affairs and influence who runs your government. Along with that, imagine that...

  • The European clique and the Turks

    The Republic of Turkey has for over half a century been enduring a crisis of identities and a struggle of political association between Asia and Europe, the two continents it has both influenced and partly ruled back in its Ottoman era a mere century ago. Indeed, the general impact...