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Netanyahu’s dangerous liaison with the Republicans: A step too far?

Samira ShackleIsrael and the US have a longstanding alliance; political leaders from both countries regularly visit the other for talks and to make speeches. But a speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Congress, scheduled to take place next month, has caused huge controversy in the US.


The rise of 'pro-Israelism' in American politics

Nasim AhmedThe US-Israel special relationship is acknowledged universally as the unswayable force of politics in the Middle East. The theme is confessed ritually by every US president and Israeli prime minister, who have all claimed, more or less, that "the bond between Israel and the United States is rooted in more than our shared national interests; it's rooted in the shared values and shared stories of our people."


Hollywood's anti-Arab and anti-Muslim propaganda

Noura MansourThe media plays a significant role in shaping public opinion and narratives. Over the years, it has become a force to be reckoned with in all aspect of life, culture, education, society, language, economy and, especially, politics. Visual media such as movies and TV shows are probably the most popular as there is a wide and diverse audience. Films and programmes target the hearts and minds of viewers, who tend to sympathise with characters and get caught up in the emotion of what they watch. The effect doesn't end when the credits roll, as people internalise the sights and sounds they have witnessed. Some studies have shown that this not only affects viewers' perceptions but also their behaviour, especially in the younger age groups.


America and Revolutionary Egypt

Mona Abdel FatahWhen Egypt was engulfed in the flames of its revolution the Obama administration spent a good deal of its energy trying to convince the Egyptian people that they needed to stand by their then-president Hosni Mubarak, even at the point when it was almost certain that his regime was about to fall.


America stabs its Arab allies in the back

Sameer Al-HajjawiThe US-Arab alliance is one of the strangest and most interesting in the world, perhaps even in history. It is certainly the most one-sided, whereby America takes everything from its Arab allies and gives them nothing in return. The US attitude is disrespectful, untactful and inflexible. Washington gives Arab governments nothing to work with and nothing to give to their people, not even a fig leaf for appearances' sake.


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