Tuesday, December 01 2015

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Charleston Church killings: is the 'war on terror' narrative costing American lives?

People gather in front of the Emanuel AME Church to pay respect to the nine shooting victims on June 20, 2015, in Charleston, South Carolina, USAFollowing the tragic killings in Charleston Church, many noticed, once again, the striking difference between the mainstream media and political establishment's coverage of violent crimes perpetrated by Muslims and those carried out by non-Muslims. It reinforced the widely held perception of media prejudice in the labelling of violence committed by Muslims as "terrorism" and violence perpetrated by (especially white) non-Muslims as, well, just violence. This further underlies the fact that the mainstream media and politicians are using the terms "terrorist" and "terrorism" calculatedly for their own political purposes.


How America keeps alive the ghost of the inquisition in Guantanamo Bay

Nasim Ahmed

A church apologist in the early fifteenth century, writing approvingly of the Inquisition, declared, "We persecuted the seeds of evil not only in men's deeds, but in their thoughts." The statement is emblematic of the centuries-old system of oppression that targeted thoughts, actions and beliefs of those deemed by the state to be a threat.


UNRWA anniversary prompts Israeli hostility and divergent narratives


In a recent gathering on the 65th anniversary of the founding of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine refugees (UNRWA), Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon continued to call for a resumption of the compromised negotiations between Israel and Palestine; the UN chief utilised the prolonged existence of the agency as the context for his plea. UNRWA, insisted Ban, "exists because of political failure."


America's role in the rise of ISIS is down to incompetence not conspiracy

Alastair Sloan

As night follows day, a violent catastrophe is followed by a conspiracy theory. How do they begin and why do they spread so quickly?


US on collision course with China in the Red Sea

Abukar ArmanTwo major developments in Somalia and Djibouti have attracted international media attention recently. John Kerry became the first US Secretary of State to visit Mogadishu, whilst China has negotiated the construction of a military base in the strategic port of Djibouti.


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