Monday, February 08 2016

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Palestinian Political Prisoners

Week 21: Nafiz Ahmad Talib Harz Palestinian political prisoner

Week 21: Nafiz Ahmad Talib Harz Palestinian political prisonerThe grandchildren of Nafiz Harz have been waiting to meet their grandfather who disappeared from his family's life a quarter of a century ago. Their pain and patience may be translated into pride and love by children who continue to have high hopes and dreams. The rest of his family still cling to their memories of a happy household all those years ago.

Prisoner Nafiz Ahmad Talib Harz from Aldaraj neighbourhood in Gaza City was born in 1955. He is married and has six children. Following his arrest in November 1985 he was sentenced to life imprisonment and has now entered his twenty sixth year of detention in Israeli prisons, including Saraya, Ashkelon, Nafha, Sheba'a, Ramal and Hadareem.


Week 20: Hani Jaber Palestinian political prisoner

Week 20: Hani Jaber Palestinian political prisonerHani Jaber has spent the majority of his life in prison. His is the story of a hero who knows the bitterness of pain and suffers the pain of illness and torture. He longs to see his wife and only daughter beyond the prison walls, and has never stopped hoping for release. He continues to fight humiliation and illness behind bars, and is currently trying to fight the Israeli decision to strip him of his identity.


Week 19: Siddqui Suliman Ahmed Al Maqt Palestinian political prisoner

Week 19: Siddqui Suliman Ahmed Al Maqt Palestinian political prisonerPrisoner Siddqui Suliman Ahmed Al Maqt, 44, from Majdal Shams, a village in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights has been detained since 23rd August 1985. He was sentenced to 27 years in prison, when a large force, exceeding 300 armed Israeli soldiers, barged into his house, removed the door and stormed Siddqui's bedroom. He was blindfolded, handcuffed and put in an army jeep, after the soldiers told his family that they had orders to blow up the house if there were any moves to resist. He was then taken to Julma, Akka and Ramla for interrogation. His arrest came twelve days after that of his brother.

Siddqui is believed to be one the oldest prisoners in the history of Syria, in addition to being one of a small group of detainees in the world who have spent more than twenty five years in prison.  He was handed the Arab flag of "Dean of Detainees" by his brother who was freed in October of 2009.


Week 18: Haza'a Al Sa'adi Palestinian political prisoner

Week 18: Haza'a Al Sa'adi Palestinian political prisonerHaza'a Mohammed Haza'a Al Sa'adi, 44, is the second oldest prisoner from the province of Jenin. He was arrested on 28th July 1985 at the age of 17. He is the only son of his parents and has three sisters. He was an active participant in demonstrations and national protests that refused to accept the injustice of the occupation.

His participation in the protests and struggle was prompted when the Israeli occupation forces, with the assistance of a group of collaborators, poisoned the water reservoirs of the girl's high school in Jenin which resulted in the poisoning of some of the girls. Haza'a, along with others, assisted the girls and transported them to hospital. Following this incident, a friend of Haza'as' was shot and killed by the occupation forces. It was these events which pushed him to begin his struggle against the occupation. Though he was acting in secret, his activities were exposed and the Israeli authorities arrested him and two friends.


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