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The student movement in Egypt over the last century

Students during the 1935-1936 uprisingThe world and major media outlets have followed the student activities in Egyptian universities over the past two years, especially in Cairo and Al-Azhar Universities. In this report, Sasa Post will shed light on the student movement taking place in Egypt since early last century and its developments thus far.


Egyptian students begin new revolutionary year

Dr Walaa RamadanSaturday October 11 signalled the start of the new academic year in Egyptian universities, delayed this year by the authorities from September to mid-October to allow them time to prepare their security forces for the expected demonstrations. The new academic year compares with the preceding year by the heightened reign of power and influence by the military coup regime, which has used nothing but brute force to attain this stronghold.


Civil society struggles for greater role in Libya's transition

Libyan Berber Children with Amazigh and Libyan flagsAs the conditions for Libyan activists are deteriorating, civil society fighters, refusing to be silenced, mobilise from abroad. One of them is Shahrazad Magrabi, whose initiative Libyan Women Forum is aiming to empower Libyan grassroots movements with a special focus on women. "The civil society in Libya is gaining momentum," she argued.


Ghannouchi's pragmatism confuses everyone

Rashid GhannouchiThe leader of the Ennahda Movement, Rashid Ghannouchi, surprised everyone when he said that his party was ready to form a coalition government including many parties and that it would not be opposed to including officials from former President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali's government. Ghannouchi's comments have sparked many suspicions among his supporters and opponents alike, leading many to believe that his recent statements are part of a greater electoral manoeuvre.


Egypt's army: Between victory and defeat

Dr Amira Abo el-FetouhWhile we celebrate the victories of our great army in the October 1973 war, during which they broke the Bar-Lev Line, crossed the Suez Canal and raised the Egyptian flag in the beloved land of Sinai, it brings to mind an important question: Is this brave army that fought one of the most epic battles of heroism and sacrifice in defence of Egypt and its people the same army that is now killing and harming its people during the peaceful demonstrations demanding freedom, social justice, and human dignity?