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Slaughter in Gaza: the lessons of history

The guns in Gaza attacks may fall silent for a while and resume firing later but this will not change the pattern which lasted 66 years. The bloodshed will not come to an end without knowing how and why it started and how to deal with it.


Is Yemen witnessing the rise of a new political giant?

Often dismissed by local political observers as they carry the stigma of the former regime, the Houthis, a Zaidi group organised under the leadership of Abdel-Malek Al-Houthi with a tribal base in northern Sa'ada, have long shed their "rebel group" label. They have been reborn as a powerful and popular political movement.


The Arab counterrevolution is in decline

The claim that every revolution has an associated counterrevolution is neither contrivance or 'crystal-ball gazing', but is a principle that is applicable to almost all revolutions, including the English, French, and the European revolutions of the mid-nineteenth century, as well as the Iranian Revolution and the east European revolutions after the Cold War.


Will the US-Iran-Saudi alliance defeat ISIS? If so, to what effect?

Abdel Bari AtwanWhen the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia enters an alliance with Iran and the US coordinates security with President Bashar al-Assad's Syrian regime (against which, a year ago, America was providing money and weapons for the opposition); and when Iraq's government led by Nouri Al-Maliki is put into the service of its closest ally, Iran. When such minor miracles occur in the blink of an eye, then we should look for the phenomenon called the "Islamic State" (ISIS). It has shifted all balance of power and brought together regional opposites, while igniting yet another war in a Middle East already full of them.


Israel and Goldstone: numerous fears

By using his oldest trick again, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected the International Commission of Inquiry on the occupation's war crimes in Gaza by using the narrative of the victim to justify and explain the most recent bout of Israeli aggression and hostility. During the final moments of his meeting in Tel Aviv with the Andrew Cuomo, the governor of the state of New York, Netanyahu criticised the Human Rights Council's decision to form a committee to look into the crimes against humanity that have been committed in the Gaza Strip. In response to the HRC's decision, Netanyahu said, "The Council's [decision] grants legitimacy to terrorist organisations such as Hamas and ISIS rather than doing what is right by examining Hamas' attacks on Israeli citizens and its exploitation of Palestinians as human shields..."