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Bahrain: What now?

Bill LawIn the parliamentary vote that took place on 22 November, the government of the Gulf island kingdom of Bahrain is claiming an unofficial turnout of nearly 52% while the leading opposition society, Al Wefaq is saying not more than 30% came out to vote. Wefaq and other opposition parties boycotted the election leaving the field open for hundreds of independent candidates to run.


The Palestinians of Lebanon; a life of curtailed rights and limited opportunities

Jessica PurkissThis November marked 60 years since the 1954 United Nations convention which first promised to tackle the issue of statelessness was adopted. Today however the problem is far from resolved and being stateless - not considered a national of any state-effects at least 10 million people worldwide. To mark the 60th anniversary of the UN's pledge, MEMO has produced a series of articles on Palestinian statelessness.

Read the first article of the series: Palestinians in East Jerusalem fighting complete erasure


Gold smuggling increases to beat new tariffs

Gold BullionIt looks like any of the other independent jewellery shops in the coastal city of Ernakalum, southern Kerala. The glass shop front sits within Broadway Market: three hundred wholesale outlets selling spices, electronics, jewellery and textiles.


UAE's assertive stance will not result in greater stability and prosperity

Nasim AhmedWatching political opportunism at its crudest is an ugly thing. The most audacious attempts usually generate sarcastic laughter just as easily as disbelief and anger. What is interesting about its most naked form in the latest example is the way that it unites countries and regimes that only recently failed to see eye to eye.


Why is Abbas afraid of going through with the Palestinian reconciliation?

Mahmoud AbbasPalestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas still expresses a firm position on his rejection of implementing the reconciliation which the Arab and Western world are calling for on the ground. In all actuality, it is he who is hindering the progress of the reconciliation and is increasing the divisions between the West Bank and Gaza.