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It is our right to celebrate the capture of an Israeli soldier

Abdel Bari Atwan"Terrorist" Hamas kills soldiers but "civilised" Netanyahu kills children. I fear that the blood of innocent civilians will have been shed in vain due to Arab mediation and these are my reasons.


The truth about Israel's new war on Gaza – the energy rush

Gas PipelineWhile Israel has deployed its media machine, telling the world that it has the right to defend itself against foreign aggression, arguing that no country should ever be made to tolerate systematic terror, even though under international law such narrative holds no legal ground as Israel has been de facto occupying Gaza, rendering null and void the notion of Gaza as a foreign entity, little has been said of Israel's real motives.


Israel was wrong to think it could destroy Hamas

Azzam TamimiSome dedicated PhD student in a decade or two might be able to discern truth from falsehood in the Israeli narrative as to why the recent war on Gaza was waged. What is certain is that Hamas did not want the war, at least not at this time.


Israel's Operation Protective Edge: Why now?

Fadi ElhusseiniAnother Israeli military operation in the Gaza Strip; it's not the first and won't be the last if the political equation in the region does not change. With the previous offensives launched by Israel on Gaza, several military goals were declared. This time, "Operation Protective Edge" comes within a different context, with new domestic, regional and international factors at play. These conditions, by and large, are more prosaic and complex and have been key elements in determining Israel's goals for this operation, as part of a larger strategy that goes beyond the war itself.


Attack on Gaza by Saudi Royal Appointment

David HearstThere are many hands behind the Israeli army's onslaught on Gaza. America is not unhappy that Hamas is getting such a beating. As footage of the scenes of carnage on the streets of Shejaiya was coming through, John Kerry said on NBC's Meet the Presson Sunday that Israel had every right to defend itself and the US ambassador Dan Shapiro told Israel's Channel 2 news that the US would seek to help moderate forces become stronger in Gaza, meaning the Palestinian Authority.