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The Islamic State's new war - au féminin

Catherine ShakdamNow that IS - the Islamic State - has successfully encroached itself on Iraq and Syria, having risen above all other terror factions and militias to reinvent itself as an institution, Islamic radicals have felt secure enough within their own borders to turn their attention toward the establishment of a new social, religious and political paradigm; one which they intent to be built in their image.


Flying Out of Our Cages

Samah Jabr"I used to fly, but you broke my wings and locked me back in my cage." This was the reproach of a patient who had just recovered from a manic episode during which he had jumped from the top of the 13-foot-high Israeli separation wall and broken both legs. His mania had been a temporary release from the social inhibitions, economic frustrations and political obstructions symbolized by the wall itself. The pills I had given him ended his colorful euphoric experience and thrust him back into a gloomy reality. No wonder he was dissatisfied with my interventions!


Critical hours for the GCC countries

Dr Mohammed Al-MusferOn 27 August 2014, a high-ranking Saudi delegation arrived in Doha consisting of Prince Saud Al Faisal, Prince Khalid bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz, the President of the General Intelligence, and the Interior Minister Prince Muhammad Bin Naif. The Qatari political leadership warmly welcomed the delegation, and they met with the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani and the high officials of the Qatari government. Talks focused on enhancing and strengthening ties between the two countries, as well as the issues in the Gulf and the Arab region. Photographs published by the media of the visiting delegation and the Qatari leadership having lunch indicate that the storm clouds that were clouding the atmosphere between the two countries are disappearing, never to return.


Hezbollah's dilemma in Syria and the spillover to Lebanon

The intervention of the Shia Lebanese militant group Hezbollah in support of the Assad regime in Syria has effectively exacerbated political tensions within Lebanon.


Reflections on the war on Gaza

First: For the people of Gaza, the recent ceasefire deal between the resistance and Israel did not accomplish all they were seeking. Yet, at the same time, it achieved none of what the Israelis were hoping for. Perhaps the reason the two sides managed to agree, finally, on a ceasefire, was their conviction that there was no way any of them could achieve more under the prevalent circumstances.