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Action Beyond Condemnation

Samah JabrFor those who lament the Palestinians' use of violence and sigh, "But where is the Palestinian Gandhi?" --here is the answer: Israel delegitimizes all tools of resistance, including non-violence. In 2011, for example, the Israeli parliament passed legislation punishing any public call for an economic, cultural, or academic boycott in response to the Israeli Occupation and its settlements.


Israel's new hate paradigm – the institutionalization of terror

Catherine ShakdamAs Israel's war machine continues to advance unabated against Gaza, ravaging neighbourhoods, indiscriminately claiming lives, the world has begun to wake up from its media-induced stupor, so bloody and harrowing have been the crimes of Israel.


Saudi crocodile tears over Gaza

David HearstIt is tough work being the Saudi ambassador to the UK. First, you have to stir yourself into action to deny the undeniable: The Israeli attack on Gaza comes with Saudi backing. That, in itself, is demeaning. But no sooner has your wrath been righteously expressed, than a colleague contradicts you. Worse still, he's the boss's brother. What is a prince to do?


We do not fear being broken, for victory will come

Dr Ahmad YousefOn the fourteenth night of Israel's Operation Protective Edge, the spokesperson for the Qassam Brigades announced that Israeli soldier Shaul Aaron had been captured. Gaza's streets echoed with cheering and joy. People shot bullets in the air to express their happiness and their counterparts in the West Bank filled the squares as they rejoiced in God's promise to bring a sense of ease to the believers.


A different Arab-Israeli war but will it end differently?

Jamal KhashogjiDespite all the rhetoric about the Palestinian issue, such as it being "the Arab's first cause"; the central, principal, existential and mother of causes; the initiator of revolutions and coups; and the justification for astronomical military spending, and so on; despite all of this, we, as Arabs and for more than 70 years, have never seriously fought against Israel. Our wars with it were always brief and we always deployed in them more propaganda and speeches than dedicated military planning. We never prepared long or well for them and we never showed patience or endurance. Most of those wars were waged against us rather than us waging a jihad. Even the 1948 and 1973 wars, which were initiated by the Arabs, were brief, confused and with limited political objectives; they were nowhere near decisive liberation wars.