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Justifying terror with counter terrorism

Jessica PurkissUnder the banner of "terrorism" and "counter terrorism" democratic countries have justified interventions, invasions, the waging of wars in distant places- and the loss of civilian lives. There is no international consensus on a set definition of "terrorism" despite the terms relentless use in political discourse- following 9/11 this intensified, with counter terrorism spurring wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Who is behind ISIS?

Yvonne RidleyI have no idea where the Islamic State/ISIS/ISIL or whatever name it uses came from, and I'm just as baffled by the roots of its violent ideology. While I never pretend to speak for the diverse community of Muslims living in Britain today, I reckon my views on this will be echoed by the majority who have watched with growing concern the unprecedented rise of this group.


Gaza Is a Pandora's Box for Netanyahu

David HearstHad Benyamin Netanyahu decided not to use the pretext of three murdered settler youths to launch a pogrom against Hamas in the West Bank and then attack Gaza, much of what Israel considers useful in the status quo would have been allowed to fester.


Our spring is in Gaza

Ziad MunaThe Arabs' spring is Palestine and Palestine's spring is Gaza and Gaza's spring is embodied by all the victims, martyrs and the resistance heroes. Yes, I say this despite the magnitude of the massacre that has been perpetuated by the enemy against our people in the Gaza Strip and despite the enormous amounts of destruction and death that can be seen from every corner of Arab and Palestinian land.


Slaughter in Gaza: the lessons of history

The guns in Gaza attacks may fall silent for a while and resume firing later but this will not change the pattern which lasted 66 years. The bloodshed will not come to an end without knowing how and why it started and how to deal with it.