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Hezbollah's dilemma in Syria and the spillover to Lebanon

The intervention of the Shia Lebanese militant group Hezbollah in support of the Assad regime in Syria has effectively exacerbated political tensions within Lebanon.


Reflections on the war on Gaza

First: For the people of Gaza, the recent ceasefire deal between the resistance and Israel did not accomplish all they were seeking. Yet, at the same time, it achieved none of what the Israelis were hoping for. Perhaps the reason the two sides managed to agree, finally, on a ceasefire, was their conviction that there was no way any of them could achieve more under the prevalent circumstances.


Gaza triumphed and has every right to celebrate

Gaza has every right to celebrate. Likewise, all the Palestinian people and Arab and Islamic nations have the right as well to not only celebrate the end of the aggression, but its victory and defeat of the aggression and all those who supported or were involved in it. That includes, especially, the Arabs who were involved, either by remaining suspiciously silent or by waiting eagerly for Netanyahu's planes and tanks to crush the most honourable phenomenon in this nation; the phenomenon of resistance and steadfastness.


The president's surprise

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas recently announced that he plans to make a surprise political decision during his meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry, who was visiting the region this weekend. I asked some knowledgeable officials about what this surprise may be and they all gave me speculations as to what Abbas was planning to do. Either these officials do not know what Abbas is planning or they also want to emphasise the shock factor of what awaits.


Bets and masks fall during Gaza's latest saga

Abdallah Al-AshaalIsrael has the right to be proud of it being a demonic destructive state excelling in the annihilation of the human race. Its record in the region is proof that Israel deserves the top prize for a number of things, including its creativity and artistry in destroying all religious and historical sites, murdering innocents, depriving people of their basic needs, denying the dead coffins and cemeteries, and depriving the wounded from saving their lives. Israel should be proud that it was prepared militarily, politically and economically to corner its victim and promised its allies a swift victory and a final termination of the headache they have been trying to eradicate for some time.