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Abbas plans to resume negotiations and marginalise the Palestinian resistance

Mahmoud AbbasAs the Palestinian armed resistance persevered against Israel's latest colonial massacre, the two state solution has become part of the diplomatic discourse. The atrocities committed have created a diverse political framework that has united the people behind the resistance, however Mahmoud Abbas has reverted to the collapsed negotiations which have become a recurring focal point.


Silence over Galloway attack

George GallowayNeil Masterson, the suspect in the attack on British Member of Parliament, George Galloway, is to appear at Hammersmith Magistrates Court on Monday. Galloway, the Respect Party representative for Bradford West, was posing for pictures with supporters when he was attacked by Masterson on Friday. The incident left the 61 year old, six times elected politician with a badly bruised face, a broken jaw and a broken rib.


After years of pressure, is Veolia quitting Israel?

Ben White Veolia, the largest publicly-traded water company in Europe, is selling its water, waste, and energy businesses in Israel, and intends to 'step back' from the country as a marketplace.


Iran's struggle against Israel's colonial expansion

In keeping with previous assertions, Iranian discourse is inclusive of historical liberation and is committed to non-recognition of Israel. Gaza's resistance against the latest massacre generated renewed conviction for resistance against settler-colonialism, as well as a commitment to aid Palestinians in their struggle for liberation.


UAE-Egypt attack on Libya aimed at Islamists

Intense fighting has been ongoing in Libya for weeks, with violence reaching such a pitch that many embassies have been evacuated. Rival militias – split into two main factions that can be crudely characterised as Islamist and nationalist – have been battling each other for control of the capital, Tripoli, and its airport. Libya's elected government, dominated by liberals and federalists, has been forced to flee to the eastern city of Tobruk. The government – weak, but backed by the west – has appealed for international support to protect key infrastructure like oil fields and the airport.