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UN insistence on Palestinian acquiescence

Ban Ki-Moon"The international community cannot be expected to continually pick up the pieces of another war and then pick up the bill." Uttered by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon during the Security Council Briefing on the Middle East, the comment is a reflection of the constant impunity generated by imperialism. As the international community and the UN generate their own impunity, incessant cycles of colonial violence against Palestinians will be maintained – serving the purposes of supporting the UN's existence as well as the necessity of infiltrating the remnants of Palestine to ensure Israel's intention of complete colonisation.


Jewish Chronicle forced to correct report on Gaza protest 'antisemitism'

Jewish Chronicle apology to Sarah CoborneThe Jewish Chronicle has been forced to issue a correction for a report published during Israel's bombardment of Gaza on alleged 'antisemitism' amongst Palestine solidarity activists.


The process of reconstructing Gaza

Lamis AndoniAs usual, whatever Israel fails to impose by war, it tries to achieve by means of the subsequent agreements, and the reconstruction of Gaza agreement under the supervision of the UN is no difference. It is the manifestation of international complicity in not only solidifying the siege, but also using it to eliminate the resistance, using the UN as a cover.


Hamas accuses PA of targeting members

Jessica PurkissHamas' West Bank Spokesperson Saed Abu Bahaa has accused the Palestinian Authority (PA) of "targeting" its members during rallies called for by the group's leadership to defend the Al-Aqsa mosque compound against Israeli efforts to assert control over it. Bahaa said the PA were attempting to "silence" and marginalize members of the movement.


The spy state

Dr Amira Abo el-FetouhThe great state of Egypt has become a country of spies ever since resolutions were issued encouraging students to spy on their fellow students and report them to the security services for merely opposing the regime. Such spying has been justified under the pretext of nationalism, and these students are described as being patriotic. The state has stripped those opposed to the government of their patriotism; giving the label only to its informants and spies. A journalist affiliated with the Mubarak regime and of course to the government loyal to Mubarak, Al-Sisi's government, said that every citizen is required to become an informant.