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A conscientious objector in Israel

Sahar Vardi, 24, is an Israeli conscientious objector. She grew up in Jerusalem.

"I was active in anti-occupation protests from the age of 12, so by the time I was supposed to be drafted [into the army] it wasn't even a question for me, having personal relationships with Palestinians and just being able to see Palestinians as comrades in the struggle."


Serry's remarks on conflict, concessions and compliance

Robert SerryDespite the destruction wrought by Israel in Gaza during "Operation Protective Edge", Israel's demands remain a high priority for the international community. Speaking to the UN Security Council, UN Middle East peace envoy Robert Serry hinted at the importance of the ceasefire addressing Israel's perpetual security concerns – an indirect assertion managed by urging Palestinian resistance factions to comply with the unity government. Utilising the usual rhetoric of conflict and concern, Serry ensured that discussion of Palestinian needs remained marginalised in order to accentuate Israel's demands.


Gaza triumphs

Al-Qassam brigade soldiersDespite all the cosmic conspiracies against the Palestinian people in Gaza, beginning with the Arab conspiracies to erase Gaza off the Palestinian map, and even completely wipe it out of existence, the Palestinian resistance - especially the Islamic resistance group Hamas - has heroically remained steadfast in Gaza in the face of the barbaric Zionist aggression. The resistance is backed by the brave Palestinian people who supported the resistance and were not broken or submissive nor did they stage a coup against them despite thousands of martyrs being killed or injured from amongst their ranks and even though their homes, as well as entire neighbourhoods and cities, being destroyed in order to incite the people against them. Instead, the people remained united by the resistance and sacrificed everything for the sake of the resistance, and this has stunned the entire world, who rushed to rescue Israel instead of rescuing the helpless people of Gaza who are living under illegal and criminal indiscriminate shelling day and night by a terrorist enemy.


A year has passed since the Rabaa massacre

Dr Amira Abo el-FetouhIt has been a year since the Rabaa massacre; a massacre which is unprecedented in modern human history in terms of its ugliness and criminality. The brutal authority forcibly seized the rule and killed thousands of its citizens, the people of this good nation, within a few hours, burning the bodies and bulldozing them away. They then celebrated this heinous achievement and their shameful and disgraceful media praised this achievement. This is a pre-meditated crime, as stated in the report by Human Rights Watch; a report which specifically accused Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi, leader of the coup, and his twin criminal, Mohammed Ibrahim, the minister of interior, as well as commander of the Armed Forces, of committing this terrible crime; people who have lost their humanity.


Libya's descent into anarchy

Since the uprising that toppled Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, Libya has been mired in chaos. The country is in a state of civil war; violence between rival militias is out of control; arms proliferate; and the rule of law and order is practically non-existent.