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Early photographs reveal British interests in a fading Ottoman Empire

The Prince of Wales and group at the Pyramids, Giza, March 5, 1862 [Royal Collection Trust / © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2014] In the Queen's Gallery, London, Sophie Gordon draws my attention to a collection of papyri on the wall. They have faded with age and some are ripped across the bottom, but where they remain intact it's possible to see Ra, the ancient Egyptian solar deity, make his journey from the earth, through the underworld and back up again.


LIVE BLOG: Egypt's human rights record

Egypt's human rights record

On 5 November 2014, Egypt is to have its human rights record considered by the United Nations Human Rights Council. In the four years since Egypt's last Universal Periodic Review (UPR), the state has undergone great changes. Firstly, a popular protest led revolution which toppled Mubarak's dictatorship, resulting in the first democratically elected leader in Egypt's history. Secondly, a violent military coup that led to unprecedented repression and human rights violations.

Jessica Purkiss will be live blogging the UPR of Egypt at the UN on November 5th, from 8am - 11.30 (9am - 12.30 local time), from our office in London.

Amelia Smith will be live blogging the press conference from the Geneva Press Club, from 1pm (2pm local time) onwards. The conference will respond to the findings of the UPR.


LIVE BLOG: UK Parliamentary Debate - Palestine & Israel

UK Parliamentary Debate:

Palestine & Israel

Shazia Arshad, our Parliamentary & Press Officer, as well as our staff writers Amelia Smith and Jessica Purkiss will be live blogging the debate at the British Parliament on recognising the State of Palestine.

The live blog will begin at 3.30pm (BST) on October 13th, 2014, and will continue till the end of the debate.

Read up on the debate: UK set to vote on recognition of Palestinian state, A historic vote on Palestine in the British Parliament and Recognising Palestine: Six critiques of the PLO's Internationalisation Strategy.


LIVE BLOG: Liberal Democrats Party Conference

Party Conference:

Liberal Democrats

Follow our live updates of Middle East events at the 2014 Liberal Democrats Party Conference in Glasgow.

Our Parliamentary & Press Officer Shazia Arshad will be live blogging from 5.30pm on Sunday (October 5th), until midday on Wednesday (8th October).