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Egyptian media praises the Israeli aggression on Gaza

Many readers and viewers of the Egyptian media seem perplexed by its coverage of the Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip especially as it praises its aerial raids against innocent civilians and describe it as a "war on terrorism".


Egypt's Air Sinai cancels flights to Tel Aviv

Air SinaiAn informed source in the Egyptian Ministry of Civil Aviation has revealed that the private Egyptian airline Air Sinai, the only Egyptian company that flies to Israel, decided to cancel its flights scheduled on Thursday from Cairo to the Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv due to the deteriorating security situation in Israel and the war on Gaza.


Meshaal: No truce without lifting the siege of Gaza

Khaled MeshaalHead of Hamas's political bureau Khalid Meshaal announced on Wednesday that his movement would not accept any ceasefire proposal that does not include lifting the eight-year-long siege that Israel has imposed on Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, Anadolu news agency reported.


Tunisian president calls for exceptional meeting of Arab League on Gaza crisis

Moncef MarzoukiTunisia's President Moncef Marzouki has called for an exceptional meeting of the Arab League in order to put an end to Israel's war against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, to lift the Israeli siege and to rebuild the Strip, Anadolu news agency reported on Wednesday.


Former Egyptian ambassador: 'I'll sue the government for closing the Rafah crossing'

Ibrahim Yusri YousryThe official Egyptian position not to open the Rafah border crossing a crime against humanity, adding that "this position is not consistent with international law, or at least Egyptian law", former Egyptian Foreign Minister, Ambassador Ibrahim Yousry said.