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Journalist claims systematic torture in Egyptian detention centres

Al-Jazeera StudioKhalid Mohammed Abdul-Raouf, a student journalist jailed after the military coup in Egypt on suspicion of working for Al-Jazeera network, has confirmed to the Cairo Criminal Court that political detainees are being exposed to systematic torture in the Scorpion prison, as well as face many murder attempts by the prison authority.


Tunisian government to respect parliament's decision on Israeli tourists

Mehdi JomaaTunisia's Prime Minister Mehdi Jomaa said yesterday that his government will respect the Tunisian Parliament's decision to deny Israeli Jews entry to Tunisia "even if the decision will harm tourism".


Muslim scholars slam arbitrary arrests and torture in Egypt

Dr Yusuf Al-QaradawiThe International Union of Muslim Scholars condemned the indiscriminate arrests and torture in Egyptian prisons especially those against women, scholars, journalists and youth.


Tunisia: Libyan families involved in the kidnapping of two Tunisian diplomats

Tunisian flagA spokesperson for Tunisia's Foreign Affairs Ministry has accused the families of two Libyan citizens currently jailed in Tunisia of being involved in the kidnapping of two diplomats from the Tunisian embassy in Libya.


Egypt: 2.5 million children dropped out of schools after the coup

Egyptian boy with flagA study conducted by Tomouh program in cooperation with the Egyptian Food Bank, the Armed Forces and PepsiCo Company revealed that the number of school dropouts across Egypt has reached 2.5 million in the last term.