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MEMO's Diary of the War Crimes in Gaza - Day Three

December 28, 2009 at 12:08 pm

Monday, 29 January 2008 – DAY THREE

For the 3rd consecutive day, the IOF continued to attack the Gaza Strip, in complete disregard of the lives of civilians and international humanitarian appeals to stop the use of excessive force against such a densely populated area. Scores of missiles were fired from air and landed at residential areas, civilian facilities and mosques located in the nearby targeted areas.

Israeli warplanes bombed al-Zawya Mosque in al-awya Street in Izbat Abed Rabbu area in the east of Jabalya town. The mosque was completely destroyed. In another war crime that reflects Israeli disregard for the lives of civilians, at approximately 14:30, Israeli warplanes bombarded a blacksmith workshop owned by Emad Sammour in Zimmu Street in the east of Jabalya town, heavily damaging it. Approximately half an hour after the bombing, Sammour, accompanied by a number of youths, tried to vacate some of the workshop contents, including oxygen cylinders, into a small truck. At approximately 15:20, Israeli warplanes attacked them, killing seven persons, including two children. Four others sustained serious wounds and burns due to the explosion of oxygen-filled pipes that were used in the workshop.

Israeli warplanes also bombarded the laboratories complex in the Islamic University in Gaza. It was destroyed and some of the adjacent buildings were heavily damaged. Moreover, Israeli warplanes bombarded al-Shati School “B” for Girls in al-Shati refugee camp. Israeli warplanes fired two missiles at the house of Raed al-Attar, located in Yebna refugee camp of Rafah. One of the two missiles hit the house directly, destroying it completely. The other missile hit the house of Zyad al-Absy, 500 meters away from al-Attar’s, killing 3 of his children while they were sleeping: Sidky 3; Ahmed 12; and Mohammed 14. Al-Absy, his wife and their three other children were wounded.

The house, made of asbestos, was completely destroyed. The death toll of this day was 29, including 25 civilians; 15 children of whom were children and two women. This number also includes two Palestinians who died of wounds they had sustained earlier during the offensive.