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It is clear that a co-ordinated campaign has been launched to try to get Amnesty International to withdraw the use of its premises for an event to be hosted by MEMO and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign later this month. Ironically, the programme in question is discussing whether or not the pro-Israel lobby has influence over the media leading to the latter's complicity in Israel's oppression of the Palestinians.

Some very serious accusations have been made against MEMO and its contributors in the course of this campaign; some by people who really should know better.

Nevertheless, MEMO wishes to make it absolutely clear that the organisation and its staff are against racism in any and all of its forms, wherever and whenever it occurs; we will not tolerate racism in any articles, reports or comment pieces published by MEMO.

Although one contributor to MEMO has been targeted for particular attention by the pro-Israel lobby, MEMO understands that he has apologised for an anti-Semitic remark made on an independent blog which has no link to MEMO. We are using whatever influence we can to ensure that such remarks are not made again in any forum if the person in question wishes to remain a contributor to MEMO.

Along with the PSC, we'd like to stress that the event in question is asking pertinent questions for which increasing numbers of people feel it is essential to have answers. Critics should focus on the issues involved instead of adopting tactics to discredit the organisations bold enough to bring such topics forward for public discussion.

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