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Al-Sisi's dreams kill the dreams of the Egyptian people

January 23, 2014 at 5:35 am

Recent leaks have confirmed that the treacherous coup leader, Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, has said that his dreams drove him to carry out the brutal coup against the legitimate elected President, Dr Mohammed Morsi, even before Morsi took office. Al-Sisi did so in the hope of becoming president of Egypt himself. He said that he has had this dream for 35 years, wherein he sees the late president Anwar Sadat telling him that he had known that he would become Egypt’s president and Al-Sisi replies that he also knows that he will do likewise. More idle talk, stories and dreams attributed to Al-Sisi see him carrying a red sword with the inscription “There is no god but Allah”; a dream in which someone tells him “we will give you what we have given to no one else”; and another dream where he seems himself wearing an Omega watch that has a large star on it, and when people ask him why his watch is different to any other Omega watch, he tells them that he is as international as the brand.

It is Al-Sisi’s dreams that made him betray his president, his country and his pledge to God. The treacherous general wants his dreams, or whatever he has stored in his subconscious, to become established facts and a reality on the ground in order for him to lead Egypt, even if it means destroying the Egyptian people in the process. This is why he committed the massacres after his fascist coup. Indeed, the killing of demonstrators is continuing; the most recent saw two young people killed by security forces last Friday in Suez and Fayoum. The killings will not stop until the brutal general realises his dream objectives.

We are dealing with a psychologically-ill individual. I am surprised that he was the Director of Military Intelligence and Reconnaissance and that such a responsible position was held by someone who resorts to others to interpret his dreams. How could someone like him be the Commander of the Armed Forces, and how are things run in the Egyptian army when its most senior officer is distracted from its main task and only enemy, Israel? Instead of tackling the Israelis he puts the army on the streets to chase protesters, storm universities and, even worse, attack young girls in Al-Azhar University. The paratroopers who did that then claimed that the girls were beating them! Aren’t they ashamed of themselves? Where has the chivalry of our officers and soldiers gone? A plague has descended on our military due to the actions of its leaders who violated Egypt’s dignity and honour while dreaming of ruling the broken country.

However, this will never happen; such leaders will continue to chase after these illusions and pipe dreams, all the while shedding the blood of loyal Egyptians who love their country and will sacrifice all that is precious to defeat this brutal coup regime and its evil leaders. Men like Al-Sisi, who assassinated Egypt’s democratic experience along with the people’s dream of a civilian state after 60 years of military rule, from which they only gained destruction, tyranny, corruption and poverty.

The Egyptian people, in particular the university and school students, are the spirit of the revolution and the pulse of the country. They are determined to continue their peaceful resistance against this bloody coup until it is completely defeated and the country’s democratic regime and elected president are restored, along with the legitimate Constitution and the Shura Council. Moreover, they will not rest until the leaders of the coup are prosecuted for the thousands of people they have killed. No just rights are truly lost forever, and “Allah grants success”.

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