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Fatah seeks help from abroad

The bloodshed in Egypt continues at the hands of those who do not care for Egypt's wellbeing and do not want stability so that they can continue to secure their own interests by promoting the coup.

But the coup is being sustained by bloodshed and violence that will only lead to more bloodshed, which is an outcome that none of us wish to befall Egypt, not today and not tomorrow. The Egyptian people are looking for an alternative to the bloodshed, which was brought to them by the power hungry military that led the coup. By shedding the blood of the people, the Egyptian military killed the people's dream of having freedom and free will and a state that is established in accordance with the law, not a state characterised by military rule and an alliance of thugs.

While it is true that the process of giving birth is accompanied by blood and though it is also true that freedom is not handed to the people on a golden platter, both of these things have a price. In Egypt, the price of birth and freedom is blood and martyrs. During birth, the child screams and the mother bleeds and at the end they both rejoice and congratulate one another on the mother's survival and the baby's life. Egypt's case is similar and we must be optimistic because this is the price of freedom and the will of the people that will prevail against the 'executioner' because it is the stronger force.

We will also encounter many opportunists who stand with the killers because they agree with them on many concepts and beliefs. They will use killing and murder as a means to achieve their self-interests. Here we can draw a comparison to the recent statements made by Fatah's leadership. If the few good members in Fatah remain silent and do not speak out against this leadership, they will inevitably be dragged into several misfortunes. The leadership's only concerns are their own self-interests above all else, including Palestine, and they will do everything in their power to ensure their interests, even if those interests are stained with blood and ruin.

I will point out these opportunists in Fatah but first, I must clarify that I do not speak of everyone in the movement. There are still members in Fatah who care about the Palestinian people and the cause. There is still some good and there are still members who reject the call for destruction and devastation occurring in Egypt. There is only one option left for those who want to see the Gaza Strip return and that is for the entire Palestinian people to retreat from the path that is leading us to sell the homeland through fruitless negotiations. Even if these negotiations are successful, they will only result in more misery for the Palestinian people. At the same time, the Palestinian issue will not die because the people will continue to defend it with their blood.

As for Fatah's threats to place a siege on Gaza by starving and killing its people in cooperation with third parties that they presume to be their allies and partners in infringing upon the will and the rights of the people, this will bring them many calamities. These actions will remove Fatah from the national circle and place them on the side of the enemies. In regards to Fatah's bullying tactics abroad, they are attempting to threaten Gaza with force they do not own. They have made use of the secular, liberal, and military groups in Egypt to achieve their goals. Their goal was to use tanks and the militarisation of Egyptian society as a means to demonise Gaza and make it appear as though Gaza is Egypt's primary enemy. They have even been pushing the Egyptian army to eradicate Gaza so they can return to power. This type of thinking is especially foolish considering that the Egyptian army is not capable of committing such an act. Zionist powers would never let them; however, it would not be difficult for Fatah to convince them to impose more sanctions on Gaza and starve the people. Ultimately, I do not think that they will succeed in this and Gaza will not starve to death, God willing.

If Fatah's intentions are to use force and make painful decisions by pushing the Zionist enemy to aggress against Gaza in order for them to gain control, then I do believe that they tried this tactic before in 2008-2009 and it failed. Everyone is well aware of the phone call that took place between the IDF and Tayeb Abdel-Rahim and Fatah's willingness to facilitate the attack on Gaza in unprecedented security cooperation.

This type of twisted thinking is exactly the kind of thing that will make Palestinians swim in pools of blood once again. This will not achieve anything for Fatah's leadership, who have done nothing but commit crimes against the Palestinian people, making them pay the price in Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, and Kuwait. The Palestinian people's hatred will increase once they discover the truth that was discovered by the majority of the Egyptian people.

We say to them that the road to return is a straight and clear path with many constants. It is a path on which we must uphold national unity and hold on to our rights while formulating a strategy to confront Zionist forces. We must abandon the negotiations and work towards creating a democratic environment based on political partnerships. It cannot be based on exclusion and invalidation. People must accept the results no matter what the outcome if we want to remain on the path of legitimacy.

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