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Britain: Don't allow child killers on your soil

January 28, 2014 at 4:38 am

By Khalid Amayreh
7 November, 2010

The Israeli government is exerting tremendous pressure on the UK to amend British laws allowing for the arrest and prosecution of suspected war criminal.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague reportedly was being ‘ambushed’ by Israeli officials during his recent visit to the de facto Apartheid state.  Hague’s Israeli hosts cancelled a high-level security briefing with him in response to a British threat to arrest an Israeli official for suspected war crimes.

Pro-Palestinian and civic-minded Britons have presented virtually irrefutable evidence showing that numerous Israeli political and military leaders committed acts that can be defined as war crimes and/or crimes against humanity.

Israeli human rights organizations, such as B’tselem, have also collected testimonies detailing deliberate acts of murder by members of the Israeli Defence Forces who argued that they were acting on orders and instructions from their superiors.

The law of universal jurisdiction is one of the few remaining outlets for establishing justice for weak victims who have very few or no practical means to bring their victimizers to justice.

According to Amnesty International, the law of universal jurisdiction should be a requirement for all states that are signatories to the Convention against Torture and the Inter-American Convention.

Last week, Israeli Cabinet Minister Dan Meridor was forced to cancel a trip to London after British intelligence officials alerted him that he could face an arrest warrant upon entry into the UK.

Numerous other Israeli officials cited for possible war crimes, face possible arrest and prosecution in connection with war crimes and crimes against humanity they are alleged to have committed against Palestinian and Lebanese civilians.

These include inter alia, nearly all living prime ministers, defence ministers, chiefs of staff, as well as people such a Shimon Peres. In 1996, Peres in his capacity as Prime Minister following the assassination by a Jewish extremist of Prime Minister Isaac Rabin ordered his army to bomb the UN peace keepers’ headquarters at Qana in southern Lebanon, resulting in the slaughter of more than a hundred civilians, mostly women and children.

Needless to say, the scene of mutilated and decapitated children left no room for words. Silence was more eloquent than words.

Interestingly, until this moment, neither Peres nor Israel has apologized for the hideous massacre, although a special UN report ruled that Israel committed the atrocity knowingly and deliberately.

Israel’s total rejection of Britain’s universal jurisdiction laws has virtually nothing to do with any legal objections about the content and details of these laws. In the final analysis, Israel sees nothing wrong with being a war criminal. Indeed, one would get the impression from remarks constantly made by Israeli officials that Israel is demanding a special treatment from the international community.

This special treatment would allow for the perpetration of manifest war crimes, such slaughtering innocent civilians, knowingly and deliberately, without being held accountable for these crimes. Why? Because Israelis belong to the Chosen people and Chosen people are not accountable to the laws of humanity, just as Hitler’s “Master race” didn’t see itself bound by the laws of humanity!!

This is indeed the secret word behind Israeli relentless solicitations and bullying to get the above mentioned British laws revoked. 

Israel, which can be described as a gigantic war crime, since it has been based on ethnic cleansing, mass murder and mendacity, has a long history of  pressuring the international community  to absolve her from responsibilities under international law.

For example, Israel demanded that amendments be made to the Fourth Geneva Convention to shield Israeli war criminals from prosecution.

The United States, Israel’s guardian-ally, did everything it can to prevent the fragile international legal system from pursuing Israeli war criminals.

This American intervention eventually enabled certified war criminals such as Dan Hallutz, Gabi Ashkenazi, Moseh Yallon, Tzibi Livni and Ehud Barank to travel to the capitals of the world and be received as VIPs when honest considerations of justice and morality would have them behind bars where they really belong.

The evidence about Israeli war criminals’ involvement in war crimes and crimes against humanity is not circumstantial or rudimentary. The evidence is damning, indicting, incriminating and irrefutable.

Hence, the main matter that should be considered in this regard is not the comprehensiveness of the incriminating evidence, but rather the moral and legal courage to call the spade a spade, the courage to look Israeli war criminals in the eye to tell them “you are a murderer.”

The British government’s propensity to cave in to Israeli pressure on this fundamental matter caricatures a British government that is obsequious, morally inconsistent, and legally confused. It is a government overwhelmed by a moral turpitude.

It shows that Britain is not really serious about the implementation of its own laws, including anti-terror laws. In the final analysis, there is no greater terror than murdering innocent civilians, knowingly and deliberately.

Finally, one must remember that Britain, the issuer of the infamous Balfour Declaration, and creator of Israel, has a historical and moral responsibility toward the Palestinian people. Hence, ignoring Palestinian grievances, which often transcend reality, and enabling Israeli war criminals, these reptile-like nefarious child-killers, would be adding insult  to injury, that is  to say the very least.

I know that Britain is not wholly made of state-craftsmen and immoral politicians who would do it “the pragmatic way” regardless of morality and legitimacy considerations.

I know there are millions of Britons out there who wouldn’t savage their conscience by succumbing to Israeli diplomatic pressure by allowing Israel’s thugs and child killers to enjoy lodging in England.

It is these conscientious men and women I am urging to exert every possible pressure on the British government to refuse to capitulate to Israeli pressure by according to Israeli war criminals a special treatment.

We owe it to these helpless and innocent victims of Israeli criminality and barbarianism to prosecute or at least hound their killers. They must not be allowed to sleep quietly. Otherwise, the entire world would be descending into moral chaos and anarchy.

So, please, don’t let war criminals and child killers on your soil. Don’t sell your soul to the devil.

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