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Hundreds of Palestinian and Syrian migrants rescued off Italian coast

January 30, 2014 at 10:00 am

The Italian authorities announced on Friday that its coast guard and the Maltese have rescued about 700 “illegal” migrants, including Palestinian and Syrians who were onboard five boats in the Mediterranean.

According to the statement, the Italian coast guards saved four of the boats, which apparently departed from the African coast near Lampedusa Island late on Thursday night. The Maltese coast guards rescued the fifth boat.

One of the boats was carrying 210 migrants, another had 201, a third had 95, and the fourth had 91 on board. The fifth ship which was rescued by the Maltese authorities was carrying 91 migrants.

In recent weeks several fatal disasters have occurred off the Maltese and Italian coasts; many of the victims were Palestinians, Syrians and Africans. Human rights and official sources have confirmed that hundreds of migrants drowned after their boats sunk in the sea.