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Israel threatens to sever ties with Europe

January 30, 2014 at 3:08 am

Israeli officials and diplomats have threatened to “cut ties with the EU” should the latter impose a boycott on Israel. They said that the first step would be to export Israeli goods to non-EU countries, including Russia and the former Soviet Union, China and India.

Europe has been putting pressure on the US and threatening to boycott products from illegal Israeli settlements. Israel feels that such a move could escalate into a boycott of all Israeli goods, not just those from settlements, which are illegal under international law, if the peace talks fail.

Media reports claim that foreign ministry officials are studying ways to market settlement products in new places. They also say that that Israel is sending a warning about boycotting Europe.

“Israel recognises that relations with the EU will deteriorate immediately if the peace negotiations led by US Secretary of State John Kerry fail,” said Maariv newspaper. “Then, Europe will not only boycott settlement products, but also all Israeli products.” Western European states, it is believed, would only buy “essential” items from Israel.

It is reported that Israeli officials have accepted for some time that Israel’s position could be similar to that of apartheid South Africa within two or three years.

Source: Al Resalah

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