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Russia opposed to US sending missiles to Jordan

January 30, 2014 at 1:49 pm

A spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry has announced that Moscow is opposed to the deployment of weapons to countries neighbouring Syria. Alexander Lukashevich made his comments following the news that the US is preparing to send Patriot missiles and F-16 fighter aircraft to take part in military exercises in Jordan. America has suggested that some of the advanced weaponry may stay in Jordan at the request of the government in Amman once “Exercise Eager Lion” has finished.

“The technical features of these missile batteries that were deployed in Turkey at the beginning of this year are comparable to Russian S-300 missiles,” Lukashevich told Russia Today television. “We have stated our opinion on this more than once: foreign weapons are being pumped into an explosive region.”

The spokesman pointed out that the deployment of these batteries is happening very close to Syria, where a devastating armed conflict has been on-going for 2 years. “Russia and its American partners are trying to stop this conflict by proposing to hold an international conference to settle it peacefully,” he added.