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United Nations: security forces heavily implicated in acts of violence

January 30, 2014 at 1:20 pm

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, denounced the increasing violence in Egypt, renewing her call for an independent, fast and credible investigation into the extensive killing operations which the security forces are heavily implicated in, calling for the prosecution of those responsible.

In a statement, Pillay warned that the collision approach adopted by both sides, “will lead Egypt to a disaster,” referring to the “intransigent declaration” of the Egyptian Interior Minister, Mohamed Ibrahim, who has pledged strict and powerful intervention of the security forces with anyone threatening the country’s stability.

She said that “despite all the warnings and calls for restraint, they have killed more than 150 Egyptians during demonstrations over the past month, not only in Cairo but in other cities as well,” expressing concern over the future of Egypt if the army and security forces, as well as some of the protesters, continue in “an approach of collision and hostility,” arguing that “the Muslim Brotherhood protestors have a right to demonstrate peacefully like any other party.”

Pillay also expressed her deep concern over the dangerous polarization that has gripped the country, adding that “Egypt is at a crossroads,” arguing that “the future of this country, that contributed a lot to its civilization, depends on the behavior of its people and its authorities in the days and months ahead.”

The High Commissioner for Human Rights urged all parties to leave their differences aside and engage sooner in a national dialogue in order to restore constitutional order – by means of free and democratic elections – and to put an end to acts of violence and hate speech. “

She considered that “after the events of recent days, new demonstrations are a must,” arguing that “the security forces and demonstrators are responsible for ensuring the non-recurrence of tragic and terrible events.”