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Erdogan: 'We will continue to support you even if we stand alone'

January 31, 2014 at 12:50 pm

Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has reiterated Turkish support for the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip ‘whatever the cost.’ This statement was made yesterday evening during a telephone conversation between Erdogan and his Palestinian counterpart, Ismael Haniyeh. During the conversation, Haniyeh conveyed his personal condolences as well as those of his government and the Palestinian people to Erdogan and the Turkish people.

The Palestinian Prime Minister affirmed to his Turkish counterpart the absolute solidarity of Palestine and its people with the martyrs and their families whether from Turkey or other places. Haniyeh expressed his appreciation for the address delivered by Erdogan yesterday (01/06), particularly in that it related to his continued support for the Palestinian issue and his call for an immediate end to the siege.


The Turkish Prime Minister affirmed the need for a total lifting of the blockade on Gaza, bearing in mind that “it is deserved by our people and should be the natural outcome of Zionist crimes.”

Haniyeh informed his counterpart of the measures and decisions being taken by his government in response to recent events and the Zionist crimes perpetrated against Turkey.

On his part, the Turkish Prime Minister expressed complete solidarity with Gaza and highlighted the fact that representatives from more than 33 countries partook in the freedom flotilla which “is an indication that Israel is not in confrontation with Turkey alone, but rather with the world.”

Erdogan informed Haniyeh of the measures taken by Turkey in the last few hours to closely follow up on the unfolding scenarios related to the flotilla and the focus being placed during various communications on the necessity of immediately ending the siege. Finally he said to Haniyeh; “We will continue to support you even if we stand alone.”

Source: PIC Gaza