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The Palestinian Return Centre denies Israeli allegations

January 31, 2014 at 12:49 am

The Palestinian Return Centre in London has denied Israeli allegations that it is affiliated to a Palestinian faction, describing them as ‘unfounded’. In a written statement, the PRC affirmed that the reasons given by the Israel government for “designating” the London-based campaign group “as a front organisation for the militant group Hamas” are “baseless”. According to the PRC’s statement, if these reports are in indication of anything at all it is the fact that the Centre has succeeded in highlighting the issue of Palestinian refugees and their right of return to their homes. Reports in the media quote Israeli allegations that the PRC “is involved in initiating and organising radical and violent activity against Israel in Europe, while delegitimizing Israel’s status as a nation among the European community.” Last week two Israeli research centres issued reports calling for an organized international campaign to ‘delegitimize the delegitimizers’.

The PRC denies any association with or membership of any political party within the United Kingdom or abroad. It is, it affirms, an academic consultancy which focuses on the refugee issue; it has advised many international human rights organizations and has collaborated with UNRWA.

The Israeli government claims, “Among other terror-affiliated activities, the centre organises many conferences in various European countries for Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood activists from all around the world.” The PRC, however, points out that over the past fifteen years it has indeed organised many conferences, at which it has hosted internationally-acclaimed academics, diplomats, parliamentarians and governments ministers. All, says the PRC, have been aimed at attaining justice and the restoration of the rights of the Palestinian refugees; none have been “terror-affiliated”.

The PRC is a legally registered company in the United Kingdom and Wales. It is currently preparing to launch a week of activities to commemorate the Palestinian victims of Israel’s occupation. The week will start on 15 January 2011 with an international conference under the title “The Nakba Continues”.

Source: Quds Press