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Egypt's fragmentation could be devastating for whole region, warns Clinton

February 4, 2014 at 10:45 am

Outgoing US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has expressed her hope that what’s happening in Egypt does not lead to its collapse and fragmentation. She told CNN that that could result in incredible chaos and violence on a scale that would devastate the country and the region.

“There has to be some understanding by the new government that the aspirations that the people were expressing during the revolution in Egypt have to be taken seriously,” said Clinton. “It cannot in any way be overlooked that there are many Egyptians who are not satisfied with the direction of the economy and political reform.”

She noted that this is not an easy mission, and that it is very difficult to move from a one-man closed regime to a democracy that is trying to learn to walk.

“But there are some clear lessons,” she added, pointing to the importance of representing all factions in a way that makes people believe this as well as the emergence of the rule of law. Mrs Clinton stressed that Egypt must have a constitution which recognises the rights of all people and does not marginalise any group in society.