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Most Americans do not expect a viable peace process in the Middle East

February 4, 2014 at 10:38 am

About half of the American people are confident that Israel is a real ally to the US, while most do not expect to see a viable peace process, a poll published by CNN on Tuesday night has revealed. The CNN poll showed that 33 per cent of Americans said that Israel is a friendly state, not an ally; 8 per cent believe that is is not a friend of the US; only six per cent believe it is an enemy.

CNN polling director Keating Holland said that there is a clear political division in the US regarding Israel, with 67 per cent of Republicans believing that the country is an ally, against only 33 per cent of Democrats. However, Holland was quick to point out that most Democrats think that Israel is a friendly state, although 20 per cent think it is an enemy.

Americans appear to be pessimistic about the peace process, with 66 per cent thinking that Israel and the Arab states will not be able to bridge the gap between them. Thirty-two per cent are optimistic and think that peace can be achieved in the region.

When asked whether the US should support an Israeli attack against Iran, the response was almost 50/50 either way claims a similar poll conducted by America’s Pew research Centre. With regards to a US attack on Iran, 64 per cent are in favour. According to the Pew poll, 49 per cent of Americans sympathise with Israel, whereas only 12 per cent show any sympathy towards the plight of the Palestinians. Twelve per cent said that they do not sympathise with either side.