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Al-Jazeera reports on leaked letters from Brotherhood leaders in Tora prison

February 5, 2014 at 2:11 am

Muslim Brotherhood leaders were intentionally humiliated prior to their appearance in court on November 4 with ousted president Mohammed Morsi.

Based on letters written by Muslim Brotherhood leaders, which were then smuggled out of Tora Prison, Al-Jazeera Mubashir Misr broadcast a report describing how the leaders were humiliated.

They wrote that they were brought to the courtroom at 3am and waited until 10am when they appeared in the defendant’s dock.

They also wrote that no recorders or cameras were permitted into the courtroom. Only intelligence services were allowed to record and they broadcast selected and doctored clips.

Lawyers did not meet them prior to their appearance in court. They also wrote in their letters that they have not met their lawyers since the time of their arrest.

According to the information mentioned in the letters, families and lawyers of eight Muslim Brotherhood members killed in front of Al-Itihadiya Palace were not permitted to attend the hearing.

Eight out of 12 killed in front of Al-Itihadiya Palace, the case which Morsi and the other Muslim Brotherhood leaders are being prosecuted for, were Muslim Brotherhood members.

The leaders wrote that the court panel promised that they would have the chance to say whatever they wanted in court. That did not happen as the microphone was taken and they were not allowed to say anything.